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  1. I used it in mine when I flushed and re-did that thread. If you're phase 2 go for it. I think the older 4 speed used dextron.
  2. I think both of mine were Cardone select. The ones with the bad bearing were probably 2-3 yrs old. I couldn't say if I over tightened it though. CARDONE SELECT 669229 (66-9229) (Rock auto) FRONT LEFT CARDONE SELECT 669230 (66-9230) (Rock auto) FRONT RIGHT If you get the ones that aren't select, the ones with A1 Cardone, I think they are the reman ones? but also take a core. I'm told if they get back their own "select" as cores they just throw them out.
  3. I also had a bad bearing the last set https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm7UTVI0nFU
  4. Door seals, front sway bar bushings, end links, oxygen sensor.
  5. Ever replace your sway bar bushings?
  6. Sorry, what I thought was the ph2 mount bits was just a serpentine pulley.
  7. I believe there was an update and it might have changed angles / orientation. You cannot use the ph2 on ph1 without welding I've read. I have both in boxes (new) and can check part #'s for you. I want to say there is an orientation/angle update to the mount and is why you need a new "partner" bracket to go with it to keep the angle correct.
  8. The do88 hose doesn't even have that. Could run a hose without it. Could cut it out and install something like this http://new.minimania.com/part/NME8713/Radiator-Hose-Coupler-With-Bleed-Valve---R52-53-Cooper-S
  9. PS not trying to be unfriendly <3
  10. The pulley isn't underdrive so it should still be good with the alternator. The big "engine wear" is with regards to the dampener and torsion resonance causing stress on bearings usually. We're not talking balancing. In the whiteblock world there aren't a lot of posts with failures from the pulley. Older redblocks didn't even have them. There are posts from 2008 with people doing 130,000km on their UR pulleys without issues. This is definitely one of those taboo topics that you will get opinions on and I read this sort of comments. Certainly there are decent articles out there that show data points on what is reduced. There are articles that suggest because you're going through the RPM's with such variation you aren't hitting the critical frequencies for any prolonged time it's not something to worry about. I probably would not consider our cars something that are high powered and are ran in that condition for a long time. Noodle is the only other person I know who was running one in the nedcar and I don't know how many miles he has. I only have 12k miles on mine. To me this is a very inconsequential mod that has almost no gains aside from increased throttle response from a stop.
  11. On what boards did people say it damaged their motor. I've seen you post that question everywhere.
  12. obd*