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  1. yeah, the corner lights. both of mine are cracked :/
  2. Hey ping23, Im interested in the 14t turbo, and both headlight turning housings. Please let me know how much your looking to get for these. Thanks
  3. Happy Birth Day !!!!

  4. oh i know, i was just saying that the MBC can do that and i know others on here produce more than 12.5psi with the 12T which makes me think that something might be off about my set up. but im not sure on what it could be
  5. i thought i wouldnt have to adjust the wastegate, since the hallman mbc states it can increase boost up to 30psi ... is the arm on the wastegate easy to get to?
  6. hey guys, i just installed my hallman rx boost controller exactly how it was shown in this how-to. I have turned to the max and the highest my boost got to was 12.5 psi. i cant seem to get higher than this for some reason. can anyone help me out??