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  1. Thanks man, for price I paid and the mods fitted, well I couldn't pass it up. Loving my C30
  2. holy crap this is awesome
  3. Sold my T4, after doing some custom bumper and fender work: Now have this: Night rolling shot by Stratvw, on Flickr
  4. low res but my new favourite pics: Hoping to go 18" sometime soon...
  5. Good to know about the S60R breather box! Amazing work on that manifold, wow!
  6. cheers! Rides fantastically well now on the new springs. the TA dampers seem much happier on the stiffer spring rate. Had a dyno day on Saturday so pulled in to watch the cars hit the rollers and just chill with mates Was fun! had these pics snapped by a mate, Nico Di Folco then leaving lol
  7. been awhile, have a few favourite pics these days that is the maximum low I can go now, everything is maxed out idea of clearance lol
  8. such an epic car. love it
  9. went to a parkoff on saturday:
  10. Dead battery again after a great Saturday out and about. Finally sorted the extended top mounts though, working great: Forever alone: PS driveway isn't level, so rear is higher in pic then it usually is lol
  11. worst saying ever
  12. AFAIK the 850 short shifter doesn't work on the S40 range... easiest is to cut the lever under the pivot ball and lengthen it 1 inch.
  13. You did a great job bud, big respect to you for taking the time and money to make it work for you! Well done!