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  1. Have they ever done a custom tune on Siemens EMS 2000 ecu?Probably they have not, that is why they say/think they can tune it. Dont know what your plan is with the car but GT35 is a huge turbo.You wont really have boost under 4-4500rpm on a 2.0 litre engine.
  2. I would think the ones for auto box are stiffer because the weight of the box? Am I wrong?
  3. Vida and vadis also have the pinouts.Hey Mitch,are you going to use Vems finally?What is a B4194T5 engine?That must be B4204T5 you meant.
  4. What is this quarter trick?
  5. I know this trick works on 850s but dont know anyone done it on 40s.
  6. Have you ever tried the holed one?
  7. Which trigger type?
  8. Have you got a pic of the SMF?
  9. Do you use stock brake setup for this power?
  10. Rpm limit?10k?
  11. When does it start to build boost?
  12. That little thing is so cute!
  13. Can this system be deleted somehow?
  14. Cuz 40s arent real Volvos.
  15. Volvospeed guys dont really like x40s:)