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  2. Hello; I've been away a while - actually since the forum change. I can't seem to change my password so every time I log in, I have to get a temporary password. It's a real pain. Anyone have any suggestions to get this straightened out? I tried contacting xcites a few days ago, but haven't gotten a response yet. Any chance anyone has a pair of stock rear springs (2001) that they're looking to get rid of cheap? I found a broken one on the left rear and am having a hard time putting more money into this car. The existing spring broke and the lower perch is still holding it, so it's ok for now. Since so many here have lowered their cars, I thought I'd ask here first. Thanks. Glad to be back (sort of, till that stupid password issue gets cleared up)
  3. I can thankfully say that nothing broke on the S40 this week. I did nothing to the car today and do not feel guilty about it. Ahhhh......
  4. I don't think I'd be too concerned about the fluttering. Be an optimist! At least there was some vacuum indicated.
  5. Yea, check them soon. I did the rear pads today. They didn't de-laminate as I expected. They were worn completely down! I can't believe this car went through rear pads in only 5-1/2 years and 35,000 miles. I generally get close to 100,000 on rear brakes. It was a surprise. Especially considering the way my daughter drives (very conservatively).
  6. That's just the way I feel. Enough already!
  7. Trans. issues 2-3 months ago. Crappy ProParts fuel pump failure 2 weeks ago. Now today, one of the RR brake pads material delaminated from the metal part of the pad. Resulting in a horrible grinding sound and poor brake performance. Too irritated to even pull it apart right now. This '01 S40 is now known as my problem child. :angry: Still getting over 31 mpg though. And the transmission and "Volvo" fuel pump are working great!
  8. The Merritt Parkway is far from canyon twisting. Though it's a 4-lane limited access highway, it's often so crowded that just maintaining 55 mph is difficult.
  9. Damn, how'd I miss this. I just bought a new fuel pump! How about un-gooey heater control and radio knobs? Or the ECC unit altogether?
  10. Be sure those new bushings are a snug fit. I used them on my 854T. The shoulder wasn't big enough and they pulled through the bracket.
  11. Junk. Plain and simple. You get what you pay for. The thing that bugs me is that I changed the pump proactively. Figured, 14 years, 180,000 miles, daughter's car etc. Let me change it before it leaves her stranded somewhere. Fortunately, it was me who got left stranded. Going to get a factory pump from Tasca. On a more positive note, the transmission issues are all sorted out and I've been using the car for the past month or so. I was never a huge fan of this car, but have to admit that it's growing on me. It's better than I remember and returning over 31 mpg for my commute. Pretty happy with that.
  12. Installed a new fuel pump last November. It failed today. 8 months and 3,000 miles. Argh. I should have known better...Factory pump $350+/-, Proparts $100+/-. Guess which one I choose and am not happy with now.
  13. I was thinking that the axle bolted to the hub makes it impossible to slide out. And it doesn't appear to be able to move in toward the transmission any even with the snap ring there. Not being a smart a$$, I just don't see how the snap ring eliminates outward motion when the axle is bolted to the hub.
  14. Struggled with the left axle removal on my '01 during the recent trans. replacement. I wanted to save/re-use the original axle, but that SOB would not come out. Removed the trans. with the axle still in it and figured it would be easier once it was on the ground and I could access all sides of it. NO WAY! The axle is still stuck in the old trans. and it will be going to the junkyard that way. I only regret that I didn't remove the snap-ring on the new axle before installing. Would that cause a problem? It's so new that it'll probably come out pretty easy right now. I can't think of any reason to keep the snap-ring on there. What do you think? Remove it?