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  1. Wow, after a bit of use that manifold doesn't look as pretty as before! iPhones are getting so small these days...
  2. Sute, is this the stuff you used as sealant previously (thinking it might be the cause of your engine failure)? I'm a little concerned as most places are selling that instead of the actual Volvo stuff.. claiming it is the right one.. and I didn't find this out until after putting my engine mostly back together.
  3. @Iknow, that's one nice car you have there! It should stand out on the streets of Perth so I'll keep an eye out.
  4. This head work is quite interesting! Do you have any conclusion on what happened to your bearings last time, why they got worn so badly?
  5. Just a thought on EGT issue.. you did use proper thermocouple wires, not just ordinary wires, right?
  6. Nice work! Any chance you could post a pic of the coolant pipe near the turbo compressor outlet? I have a bit of a clearance issue there and was wondering how yours goes.
  7. Getting better!! What do you plan on doing with the fuelling? Raise the fuel pressure or get bigger injectors? Dibs on the injectors if you're going to sell them
  8. Looks like it to me, but I don't think it will be an issue. Engine sits to a bit of a slant and there should be enough room.
  9. Your truck turbo is BEGGING to be pushed harder than 302bhp!! For all you've put in so far I hope you can sort out the knocking. Are you willing to share a screenshot of your ignition timing table? EDIT: I cant spelel or type proppperly.
  10. Less threads showing means the wastegate actuator has to push further to open the wastegate. Further it has to push to open = more boost needed to open = holds more boost. Possibilities: - Wastegate needs adjusting (as xcites40 suggested) - Bypass valve ("BOV") leaking - Some other boost leak - Damaged turbo - Exhaust leak before turbo - Clogged cat causing exhaust backpressure Most likely one of the first two.
  11. It is easy to get to. Remove heat shields. Remove retaining pin holding wastegate arm. Remove 2 bolts holding wastegate to compressor housing. Remove wastegate. Adjust arm. Reattach. MBC might hold 30psi but your turbo can't produce that...
  12. Absolutely love the turbo whistle in that video! Curiosity got the better of me after seeing xcites' comment - a little googling tends to suggest stoich for e85 is ~9.7, so you're running pretty lean from what I can tell (though my knowledge of e85 is zero) Is it "safer" to run lean like that than petrol?
  13. The other one is mine!! Sending you a pm now! haha
  14. Great info! When you do eventually get N/A return line, would you mind grabbing me the VIN of the car it came from? Looked in VIDA at the dealer an there is about 10 different setups!
  15. That down pipe looks pretty darn good to me! Any more pics of your fuel rail setup?