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  1. Found this channel today cool to watch:
  2. Here I start this tread for building a collection of sweet Volvo for desktop wallpaper
  5. Up! Left turn corner light signal black bezel brand new 20$ for sale too
  6. Well... Im sad to announce that my car is out of commision... I have a problem with the SRS module and my sides airbags keep sending error and I can't drive the car legaly on the road anymore because of that. The price to repair is just too much for what I can pay for an old car... Here a list of what I can sell and ship anywhere: MsDesign Bodykit (include front+back+sides)= 400$ 14T/16T Turbo hybrid (stock downpipe fit)= 300$ 3'' Stainless exhaust system ( include downpipe 3'',3'' metal 100cell race cat, 2.50''magnaflow exhaust= 600$ Kw Variant 1 Coilover (**NEED A REBUILD from KW ** rear driver's side shock began to leak a little)= 400$ Piano Black (door trims, glove box, shift knob, shifter select trim)= 25$ Door, 10$ others AEM Wideband Air/fuel gauge (include 02 sensor and extention cable)= 100$ Side blinkers smoked(in bumper front and rear)= 10$ each Complete Trunk with WRX custom wing molded= FREE (you just need to pay for the shipping cost) I believe if will cost a lot but is up to anyone. Sets of 6 x 81mm T4 engine pistons= 100$ for the lots Sets of 4 x Genuine Siemens Deka EV1 60lb 630cc fuel injectors= 100$ for the lots Big bore throttle body made by Carlos Pina ( Founder of 50$ Anything else PM me
  7. Well RIP in pepperoni.... My SRS module glitched and Need to replace side's airbag to pass inspection... sadly this is too expensive for my old car to repair, so I opened a new tread in the sell and trade section for a part out. If you want anything PM me
  8. I followed the wire harness along the driver side:
  9. Did a battery re-localisation to the trunk and upgraded to Optima yellow top battery and up-sized the cables.
  10. Good job!
  12. Edit: The account hosting is suspended....BUT! I have the file on my computer . So if anyone want it, I can send it to your email just send me a PM
  13. Found out why I could not start the car the normal way with my key....
  14. Don't know if you know this stuff, but it's worth checking it out:
  15. The website:
  16. all plastic trim, hazard switch, dash, seats,floor, belts, nuts and bolts, doors panels, fuel pressure regulator, camshaft sensor, throttle body sensor for 50$ that's a steal LOL
  17. Changed driver and passenger seat belts, installed a 3'' hi-flow vibrant performance Catalytic Converters, installed Karl's old hybrid 14T/16T Turbo and turned down the wastegate's arm actuator two full turn to keep it safe until standalone ecu, stripped all black leathers interior from a very good condition S40 at the scrapyard (I will swap with my Tan interior soon), planning to relocate the battery to the trunk with optima red top and cutoff switch for the track. Raised the kw suspension 1/2''.... alot more soon
  18. Here the guide online