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  2. Found out why I could not start the car the normal way with my key....
  3. The website:
  4. Don't know if you know this stuff, but it's worth checking it out:
  5. all plastic trim, hazard switch, dash, seats,floor, belts, nuts and bolts, doors panels, fuel pressure regulator, camshaft sensor, throttle body sensor for 50$ that's a steal LOL
  6. Changed driver and passenger seat belts, installed a 3'' hi-flow vibrant performance Catalytic Converters, installed Karl's old hybrid 14T/16T Turbo and turned down the wastegate's arm actuator two full turn to keep it safe until standalone ecu, stripped all black leathers interior from a very good condition S40 at the scrapyard (I will swap with my Tan interior soon), planning to relocate the battery to the trunk with optima red top and cutoff switch for the track. Raised the kw suspension 1/2''.... alot more soon
  7. Found this channel today cool to watch:
  8. Here the guide online
  9. Hi, here we go:
  10. inspect the 4c suspensions shock, they are pricey to replace