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  1. i like 2 tone, silver and black looks real good. 4 real
  2. u gotta dip your hood black asap
  3. i dont like it
  4. u
  5. good
  6. those are the ugliest wheels ive ever seen
  7. how was your weekend?
  8. the first pic was the first day i bought it copy2 photo is photochopped
  9. nice pics nice ponytail
  10. =(
  11. traded in my s40 and got a new 5speed civic the s40 was a fun car to drive for the 6 years i owned it. i liked the turbo but hated the automatic transmission. but it was a fooking nightmare. i treated it better than it treated me but i will say it always started no matter how cold it was. i traded it in with 180,000 km on it and the following problems: the driver's window motor was broken the O2 sensor needed replacing again, burned 3L of coolant in 2 months probably head gasket the front wheel bearings were scraping the exhaust cam sensor was throwing a code violent shaking from the pass front wheel recent work in the past 6 months- switched to synthetic oil new front cat coolant temp sensor upper rad hose thermostat again replaced LCA again new tires timing belt again water pump pulleys, tensioners turbo oil return line new front bumper i must have put over $10,000 into and had no mods, only lowering springs I AM NEVER BUYING A USED VOLVO AGAIN
  12. why use wood?
  13. hey buddy