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  1. Yes, I am unable to access Volvospeed and 30forty50 with IE. Luckily I have firefox at work; if it wasnt for Firefox I would not be able to access the site during the day
  2. m4gician wrote on Sun, 01 August 2010 16:59 So I mean we did our due diligence in this case so it's fine. Due diligence is done before the actual deal
  3. Hey man, this is an amazing craftmanship. You should introduce yourself on swedespeed; a lot of people would be interesting, especially with this quality of work.
  4. hey lyons.... where are you from? Where in the NE?
  5. lyonsroar wrote on Tue, 06 April 2010 15:03I WISH it included locks! Those things are expensive! My parents paid for my new iPhone, locks, and the load bars because my tuition for school this year saved them so much on their taxes! You really need a drop though....
  6. lyonsroar wrote on Tue, 06 April 2010 13:50Installed OEM x40 load bars. The cost? A cool $70. I think I did well! Before: After: My x40 and my buddies turbo'd Civic chillin' Hey man I love the load bars! and you did VERY WELL for $70 for somethign that includes locks too...
  7. studum wrote on Wed, 10 March 2010 07:33 tomedkaz wrote on Wed, 10 March 2010 05:45Gus...where did your tint go?!?! His windows are tinted in that pic. I love roof racks - can't wait to get mine setup. ...someone is wearing shades indoors?!
  8. Gus...where did your tint go?!?!
  9. Correction: I'll see you guys on Saturday morning at Carslile
  10. Everyone, good luck. I'll be seeing you on Friday evening
  11. Allright... cool guys. I'll see you on Friday evening.
  12. I'll pick-up some Polish beer and I guess some meat to throw on the BBQ
  13. Thanks Gus - got it. Look forward to seeing all of you there.
  14. Gus, PM me your address so I can map my trip. We're doing a BBQ the night before, right?