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  1. Big HP isn't an issue. It's about torque. All TD04 turbines are "small", and will make high torque on low rpms. Although 16t will never reach 280HP (260HP max.). I had an hybrid turbo with Big16g compressor wheel, maxed at around 280HP.

  2. Because I'm using much bigger turbo, which produce most of the torque on high rpms. Big torque on low rpms bends rods. Your turbo choice is just perfect for stock rods destroying.

  3. I have 530HP and 610Nm on stock rods. So any forged H beam should be stronger and fine.

  4. Any forged you can get/afford.

  5. Have just n/a cams. For 260-280 HP power level cams aren't "must have".

    With 19t turbo I recommend you changing rods to H beam.

  6. Those are already sold, sorry man.