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  1. Hey man, I'm just trying to help you not to fry the engine . I'll guess one more time, igniton advance at 7krpm is below 15 degrees (more likely 12-13).
  2. It's already pig rich (AFR 10,x or lambda 0,74). Ignition advance should lower EGT, if not already knock limited. Otherwise, WI and/or back off the boost a bit.
  3. EGT on that video is almost 1000 Celsious. If I'm you, would not push that car for a long time.
  4. Big HP isn't an issue. It's about torque. All TD04 turbines are "small", and will make high torque on low rpms. Although 16t will never reach 280HP (260HP max.). I had an hybrid turbo with Big16g compressor wheel, maxed at around 280HP.

  5. That's around 350-400 HP.
  6. Because I'm using much bigger turbo, which produce most of the torque on high rpms. Big torque on low rpms bends rods. Your turbo choice is just perfect for stock rods destroying.

  7. I have 530HP and 610Nm on stock rods. So any forged H beam should be stronger and fine.

  8. Any forged you can get/afford.

  9. Have just n/a cams. For 260-280 HP power level cams aren't "must have".

    With 19t turbo I recommend you changing rods to H beam.

  10. Same. Using multispark too .
  11. Those are already sold, sorry man.

  12. I'm using two OEM wastedspark coils, they are fine even for 500+ HP.
  13. Hahaha, too many to list . Croatia is a small country, less than 5 mil of people, so it isn't very hard to know anyone, especially on car tuning scene because there are just a few true project cars. Green color represents clean energy and pcb electricity .
  14. Yeah, I know that guy, although 900HP is planned power once it will be finished. He's at 500bhp mark at the moment. Still very impressive project, even with 500hp "only" he's faster than Tesla or BMW M6 .
  15. Thank you sir . Nope, still didn't get it.
  16. And one more 100-200 attempt. Went not so well, it's cold outside and tires slips too much .
  17. Another dyno session, 532HP at 7000 rpm and still having lot's of power after . Yes, it's quite "warm" there
  18. 38 mm outer diameter, so 38 - (2x2,6) = 32,8mm inner???
  19. I finally made a better look on your new exhaust manifold and I think it's good. Not just nice, but good design also . What material and thickness of the pipes you were used?
  20. You are worried too much , anyway I really appreciate your suggestions. Btw. I'm getting GTX 3076, not old GT.
  21. That evo 8 must have some serious issues, I never had torque spikes like that, ever. It might be because of too restrictive exhaust, exhaust manifold, cams, WG or whatever, and that's why it doesn't have benefit of the GT3076 turbo. Even with GT35 those figures doesn't look healthy and right to me.
  22. vulvas40t4 wrote on Tue, 14 December 2010 06:48 Yes turbine side fits directly to that new core and also compressor housing needs to be changed because bigger compressor wheel. Tcode what fuel did you use when dynoing? What RON? That's true, I'll keep turbine housing only. I always run on a 100 octane gas pump fuel. There's no point using racing fuel or additives on a DD car.
  23. Sute wrote on Mon, 13 December 2010 21:22 Great numbers for that set up... What will be the next turbo under the hood..? Ooh, nothing too big , just a 60Lbs capable turbo with simmilar spool characteristic as this turbo has (GTX3076). Thanks man! vulvas40t4 wrote on Mon, 13 December 2010 21:46 Very very nice numbers! How much ignition timing did you have now with 2.3bar boost? Did you finally measure your manifolt backpressure? Do you still use stock wastespark coils with aem twinfire? Would stock coils be enough without that aem spark amplifier?? Having 21 degrees at 2.3b of boost. Nope, still didn't measured BP . Yeah, using OEM coilpacks with AEM CDI. Don't know, it might work without CDI but can't be sure, I never tried. Thank you!
  24. This is my last dyno session with GT301R turbo because it's going to be part of another Volvo (S60 T5) soon . Anyway, finally measured power at full boost (2,35 Bar) and here is how it turned out 8): Blue curves represents figures I had last year at 1,9 Bar.
  25. MaxBass wrote on Mon, 22 November 2010 15:54 soo 4.4-4.5 from 80 to 120 is not impossible.... No, it's not at all impossible. My car runs 80-120 km/h in 2.5 seconds (measured with GPS).