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  1. It will be OK, no reason not to be. Btw. this is a school example how should good trubo exhaust manifold built. It's made of a 316 stainless steel 3 mm wall thick, TIG, one pass full penetration welds. Collector: A perfectly angled runners.. so every runner "hits" center of the turbine housing.. EGT bung welded right on the "sweet spot"..
  2. Thanks guys!
  3. That doesn't mean that you cannot be faster. I'm pretty sure that my car is.. .
  4. Just a few cm. There's plenty of room though.
  5. That Porsche would smoke you badly from 0 km/h to 200 km/h. Or on 1/4 mile race. Don't need to mention what would happen on the track .
  6. I have absolutely no idea. Never had ph2 cams in my hands.. .
  7. And another one
  8. Just a teaser at the moment
  9. Actually, the turbine housing and turbine wheel is the same as it was on GT3071r .
  10. Yes, B4204S2 is ph2 n/a engine. But you could use hydro ph1 head with ph1 n/a cams and still get big power at 8k rpm.
  11. You don't need anything else than 2.0 n/a camshafts for 8k.
  12. That's nice, but if you want 100-200 km/h time as a reference, you should WOT exactly at 100 km/h, not at 60 km/h . Like I did
  13. This was the parting boosting with Garrett GT3071r turbo. After, it was removed and sold to a proud owner of the S60 T5 .
  14. Bought them slightly used. Don't know the origin shop . Those are ph1, 139,x mm long rods.
  16. SPM. Thank you .
  17. Exactly . More pics of the rebuild..
  18. A few bits missing of the engine .
  19. What do you mean by "cannot handle more"? Knock limited at 16 degrees?
  20. TDC After The Trigger: 66 No Of Teeth on Wheel: 58 First Trigger Tooth: 4 Next Trigger Tooth: 30 Angular Width Of Tooth: 6
  21. How much more ignition timing you have now? FYI mine is set to 22 degrees at 7k and 1.8 Bar.
  22. 98 octane fuel is not that bad. Using it w/o problems when 100 octane isn't available.
  23. You're far from knock limit . Add 3-4 degrees without worries, and you'll still have much room after that . Of course, avoid using crappy low octane fuel.