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  1. Turbine exhaust housing too big ?
  2. Thanks man!
  3. Possibly. Any thought or recommendation?
  4. Hmn, pics are still "there", so strange. I can email them to you if you like. This is my method of break in built engine .
  5. This turbo finally looks 600+ HP capable .
  6. Yea, no problem . Btw. a good read about ET, trap speed etc. Can't make wonders on a 1/4 mile with FWD on a surface without a good traction.
  7. Man, I never said it is 600HP . That video isn't mine and it's not on my youtube channel..
  8. White smoke from the exhaust tail, shaking on idle, misfiring, loosing coolant.
  9. Wasn't measured BP. Bought Tial A/R 1,06 exhaust housing, should help with BP a lot . It should raise boost threshold 500-600 rpm too, but shouldn't be a problem since I don't drive it as a DD anymore. Will see how it will turn out. Don't know exact trap speed (we didn't get that info on the time slips), but it's around 200 km/h, because I lift the foot from the gas pedal at the moment I crossed finish line. Dashboard speedo is very accurate now.
  10. 2,7 Bar was probably too much in combination with small A/R 0,63 turbine exhaust housing. Cylinder pressure was too high. Wasn't dyno it, the guy who made and upload video assumed that power. Never spoke about it with me though.
  11. 12,3 sec at 1/4 mile. After a couple of runs, cylinder #3 cracked .
  12. Don't know yet, was boosting 0,5 Bar max. because of a missing clamp. Off boost response is highly improved. No other changes.
  13. Still using head with hydro valve lifters, don't reving over 8k. New intake manifold is already on the todo list.. .
  14. A bit of bling bling effect under the hood And yes, I know there's a missing clamp . Thank you sir!
  15. The price difference would be a very good argument if only you don't need to inject so much more E85 into engine compared to the regular gasoline. Still, E85 is a really nice and promising fuel. Unfortunately, it isn't available in Croatia yet.
  16. This is a fuel my car likes the most .!ut/p/c4/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3hfA0sPN89Qo1BHE08DpyDTQHdTAwjQD07N0y_IdlQEAGiSO_Q!/
  17. That's a nice pull. Too bad you had to reach for an E85 fuel at that power level already.
  19. Fedima slicks, 215/45/R17, super soft compound.
  20. That's what I thought for my car. Until I didn't made major suspension upgrades and put a real tires for that kind of power. I cannot spin in 3rd gear anymore .
  21. You need a new tires .
  22. Is that on the ice road :blink: :lol: ?
  23. The 2nd one is for our Aussie member Matthew (arrtchiu). He will get a manifold with ext. WG port, supporting brackets and heat shield for a $1500. It's not cheap but it's built almost without a compromise. Of course, we can do internally gated manifolds too .
  24. WG port below merging point, so all ports can discharge evenly.. and properly angled for avoiding boost creep.. A 12mm thick ported flange, cutted to let some thermal expanding without bending.. With heim joint supports (can see on previous posts), it should be very crack resistant . And yes, we can manufacture more of these . Actually, one more is in a building process, the only difference will be in the turbo flange, a T3 one.