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  1. Over 2000HP on a desk
  2. Where did you found that injectors?
  3. 1720 cc/min @2 bar base fuel pressure??
  4. 1000€. The material is 316 SS, 3mm thick with one pass full penetration TIG welds. I really don't expect it to crack ever . Everything is carefully designed to maximize the flow and the engine performs very well even in a vacuum. It has much more torque in vaccum than my 1.8 n/a Civic with much higher CR and variable cams. Thanks guys, I'll share the proggress with you as always did .
  5. No, but you are quite close. It's HTA 3586, will get it in a direct exchange for my GTX 3076. Don't have GTX dyno charts.
  6. I will possibly sell this heavy duty exhaust manifold. Thinking of building twinscroll one for my new 75 lbs/min turbo .
  7. That is simply beautiful . Almost like an art.
  8. Depends of the $$$$ dispose. Most likely I'll use stock B4204S2 cams at the first.
  9. You probably missed this post: http://www.30forty50...post__p__190785 Having 1150 cc/min injectors at the moment. They supply plenty of pump gas, injectors are opened below 80% of time on 2.4b at 8k rpm. However, they are at 100% with E50 fuel at the same boost level. Before buying something even bigger, might try raising base fuel pressure for another 0,5 bar (currently set to 4 bar), but not sure how will my Bosch 044 fuel pump like that . Still, not planning boosting much more, 2.6b with 1.06 A/R turbine housing should be near the turbo limit I believe. Also, might try to locate and buy B4204S2 head, tempted to rev higher than 8k and using VVT to help lower and mid revs torque.
  10. Not much, it runs hard and fine last 3000 km. Also I finally purchased real BB kit, thanks to Andy P .
  11. This one: It has 4 bar MAP sensor (readings from -1 to +3 bar).
  12. What injectors are you using? cc/min? Base fuel pressure? Asking because I exhausted my 1150 cc/min (100%DC) on E50 and 2.4b.
  13. How's going this ?
  14. How much ingnition on 2b and 7k rpm?
  15. Still hitting very high EGT's? Even on an E85 fuel?
  16. Better grip, this "drag strip" is the worst one in Croatia. Also, ambient temperature of +40 degrees of Celsious wasn't help too .
  17. Don't know yet. Was mapping sucessfuly up to the 1.5 bar, @1 bar 340HP, @1.5 bar 420HP and after that, bearing with sensor on dyno rollers went south. No matter how much more boost and/or ignition I added, was picking up 2-3HP only. Even at 2b dyno wasn't measure more than 440HP even if it was quite obviously that engine was reving much faster from 5-7k rpm (much more power). We tried another car with 650HP mapped a few days ago and it also couldn't "make" more than 450HP. A few clips of having lot's of fun this weekend . Best ET @1/4 mile 12,2 sec with 210 km/h trap speed .
  18. Thank you! VEMS is the reason of the CEL on. No one sensor is connected to stock ECU, so it's a bit "confused" .
  19. Also, keep in mind that 1bar with this GTX/1.06 combo is around 350HP, so 0,3 bar isn't that little for cruising .
  20. Thanks. It's 2bar "only", but power is almost same as was with 2.7bar on tiny A/R 0.63 housing.
  21. Yea, things start to happen wild after 4k rpm. However I still get usefull boost at low rpms, like 0,3 bar . That's 172k km, not miles .