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  1. Some local guy.
  2. Sorry folks, all of these has gone. Nothing left for sale.
  3. Here's a new deal. $1000 shipped almost anywhere on the planet . Someone should take it before I put it on the ebay.
  4. Asking $1000 + shipping. V band clamp, 38 mm wastegate and flange for the screamer pipe included. Any Garrett GT30 or GT35 series turbo with TiAL housing can be used with this manifold.
  5. Hahahahha. Yeah, things like that happens when being too long on the forum .
  6. It calculates current gear from vehicle speed (readings must be from the rear wheel) and rpm.
  7. There was no trap speeds and 60ft this time. Slicks are Fedima 195/50/R15, supersoft compound. Boost were 0.9b 1st gear, 2b 2nd gear, 2.8b 3rd and 4th gear.
  8. I was number 13.
  9. There are bearings on a diff. You will probably damage them trying to take them off the stock diff and put them on Quaife. I'm selling LSD with bearings on, meaning less headache for you. $1500 plus shipping, which would be probably too much because it weights a ton .
  10. 600€ + shipping for Quaife LSD. With bearings.
  11. That's it. Volvo is replaced with this: Parts reserved so far: BBK, KW, VEMS with LCD and all sensors and harness, AFPR with fuel rail, Perrin EBCS. Still for sale: awesome exhaust manifold with external 38mm WG, AEM CDI, FP HTA86 800HP+ capable ball bearing turbo, manual gearbox with Quaife LSD (can supply you with all stuff for conversion to MT), heavy duty clutch kit with single mass FW, suspension parts etc.
  12. Time to move on, for a new project. This car is 13 years old, plus want to get rid of FWD.
  13. This car will probably be parted soon, everything will be for sale. I'm willing to ship overseas but keep in mind that shipping large and heavy parts will cost a fortune. I'll make a detailed list with prices once my decision will be final (in a few days).
  14. Yeah, have been. Unfortunately, still can't break into 11 sec . 60 feet times are bad, most of my opponents are faster than me up to the 120 km/h, then I catch them with 3rd gear .