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  1. this site totally changed.... older threads are not showing up info????? This is sad, I haven't been on the forum in a while but use to spend a lot of time and know there was a lot of info on here. I helped compile a bit. Sad to see it like this, anyone back up the database by chance?
  2. Hey Noodle! Congrats on the swap. Havne't been on here in a while. You guys are doing amazing things! Some questions for you. How much did it cost you for all the parts ? How long did it take total ? Did you CEL eventually turn on? Would you do it for me if I fly you down to cali? Seriously lol
  3. I would get kw's! Weren't they on sale a while back for dirt cheap>?
  4. Those photos make me think about getting a v40 more and more.
  5. yeah fartest , dont care for letter h's you gonna get esm's? those are the only bbs reps ive seen with the s40 bolt pattern
  6. the fartest you can get away with with looking nice and not have extreme poke, is a 9 inch wide wheel with a +25 off set. you still have to have decent stretch. You can do +30 offset and be more flush and less stretch and itll still clear the trailing arm. Anything less than +30 with a 9 inch wide wheel and your gonna be stuck.
  7. I wish these were around when i was looking for coilovers. this has me the most excited ive been on this forum in a while. lol
  8. oh and be careful with 9.75, you may have issue with hitting the suspension in front, and hitting trailing arm in rear. With the you gotta have a really low offset and will be poking quite a bit. I barely made it with a 9 width wheel.
  9. wow! those go low. are they maxed out or can you go more? Also you have the helper springs on right? These came with shorter drop links as well. Hows the ride? Bouncy are firm?
  10. cant wait to see pics. price is ridiculous. i see helper springs, if your able to go low with them on, that means you can go even lower with them off.
  11. your car will look sweet with coilovers. phase 1's and 2's have difference clearance. there is no way i can do +22 in the back of my phase 2 with a 9 inch wide wheel
  12. Hey Polony. Looks good. You running a 9 inch width? What offset is that?
  13. I just read a thread about bypassing the stock silenoid.... It says to use caps to cap off the fresh air by the intake and to leave the fresh air on the solenoid open. Should I do it this way??? I just did it like brian and left the fresh air hose. Would leaving one size open and capping the hole by the intake tube be better or is it the same? Also, if I cap off the intake tube fresh air, and leave the fresh air on the solenoid open do i think to put in a breather filter? Would it be better?
  14. I installed it tonight the way described....took less than 10 minutes. I love it so far. Does hold boost better than stock and is more constant....not alot of spikes and easier to control. Im boosting at 11-12 constant now, with spikes to 14-15 rarely. I was doigd 5-6 psi constant stock with 9-10 spikes. I feel the power now with the MBC in. Check out the engine modifications section of this forum to see my full review and questions... Thanks guys.
  15. Ok will do...but before I do it let me make sure one more thing before I remove and plug hoses. On the stock solenoid it this the correct color correlation?