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  1. So either pinched or fell off due to wear and tear after high speed driving..........Front right centre mud cap with "Volvo" written on it. Volvo wanted $44AU for a replacement. Wreckers $10AU(Actually $15 but they made an error) Now when I got the part that Volvo said goes on the car, the Number was different! Mine was older than the replacement part that is not stocked any more by Volvo. Got a similar part but the silver has turned white in an are that only noticed when the sun hit it!
  2. Both the passenger and the drivers seat have a little lever on the back base of the seat......What does it do???? Another way to describe it is back base, below the lumber member used it when attempting to find lumber support!
  3. OMG......Mechanic went to town on my car and my hip pocket :\ So he ended up replacing the Alternator belt, VVT front seal, blank plate(?), Cam seals, Cambelt KIT(current was not OEM and only done 100K...said it showed wear marks only had 30K left so replace at same time?). Also the Breather box kit was replaced as he said it was blocked? Intake manifold gasket and a second hand temp sensor(seem to replace this every second service and no indication to me faulty as he claims? Labour was $605AU Total $1480....half the value of the car?
  4. First guy I go to want $800AU for after market replacement and claims the Sunroof needs to be removed....hence the cost?
  5. So after last service I noticed that oil on the garage floor via mechanic, coming from CAM Seal area. So now going in for that to be checked and replaced and at the same time the Alternator belt will be replaced as it has "cracks" appearing that means it is wearing out. Seams the parts are cheap, it's the labour that is going to cost as involves locking the engine.....blah blah
  6. So the Right Bearing was "Cactus"...... Original part was $451.30....aftermarket $120 Second one (Rear) on S40 car the mechanic had done in 30 years of servicing Volvo cars. Back to silent driving again! But he mentioned the "Alternator belt" was making a noise and should be replaced sooner than later.......said it is a special order for different car series????
  7. So the upholstery where you open the sun visor has come loose and hanging...... Anyone had this and fixed it? Does it require all to be removed in area and reapplied?
  8. So the upholstery where you open the sun visor has come loose and hanging...... Anyone had this and fixed it? Does it require all to be removed in area and reapplied?
  9. Has got worse and under 60Km\hr....took to mechanic and said yep, Rear Wheel bearing, I say left he says right from riding in car. Will aim to get both replaced. I noticed it 10K ago but he said tyre noise! Will let you know the cost after Tuesday as 255k service day........
  10. I think this is a good engine bay Video to compare!
  11. Still got issue and reckon bearing? Service in less than 2K will try and get them to sort it 100km and below 60kms not noticeable...wheels aligned and plenty of tread?
  12. So back to my back left rear tyre noise..... Definitely 55-80kms\hr seems the internet says most likely tyres but they are pilot 3 and last set never made this train track noise? Think only 40k on them..... Have rotated tyres Next is to have someone drive behind to see if any thing looks odd.... Feeling no different in steering wheel.....
  13. So getting Drivers Side Seat belt...the part here cost $400AU Is the following normal for the base of the area of the seatbelt...that grey plastic square?