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  1. So on Cold had to remove the lid to see that there was still coolant in expansion tank. Filled to Max line with water, turned engine on and let it run a while. No movement in tank. Put lid on....see how long this last....cannot see any hose leaks?
  2. Drove in 38 degree heat 600Kms+ in round trip and saw that expansion tank was just above min when left. Three days later took to mechanic after turning on and seeing just above MIN line.......when I got to mechanic it was above the word MIN and he said when cools down put a bit more water in to just under MAX. Let it cool in driveway at home for 5 minutes but as soon as I loosened the cap the coolant level rose to MAX(Still too hot) so suppose its fine? Will check later when totally cooled down......
  3. Had the car sit for two days and did not see any leak.....back to mechanic for a rear tail light globe and popped the hood........ Under min in expansion tank......mechanic says "yeah air escaping has reduced level and he claims he said it would do that"......tops up with WATER! 300km drive coming up Friday......
  4. So $300 later for a genuine hose, coolant, a clip and labor. I note the hose seems thinner than the this normal? Fits the existing clips though. Mechanic charged $190 inc GST for I hope it was a matching part(I saw the Volvo packaging)....but Volvo parts said it would cost $235? Now he said the coolant would be just above Max for a day or two.......I drove to work 30kms and it's between the MIN and MAX line........that normal?
  5. Took it too mechanic and said the bleeding valves wear out? Cannot replace O ring and best to replace with Genuine hose. Told he can get it for $175+, but he has never replaced one before???????????? You tube link to leaking valve:
  6. So thinking of using a screwdriver to ensure it is tightly closed as fingers seemed to turn as tight as possible and residue noted on fingers. I contacted Volvo and they sent me MMS diagram of the cooling system and it is Pipe 13. Part 30741660 They mentioned an "O ring", otherwise the whole pipe to be replaced....cost for part here is $235 inc GST!
  7. So if the bleed valve is tight on and leaking is the only option to replace the hose with new bleed valve?
  8. So ended up empty expansion tank again. Topped up with took about a cup full.....
  9. 36 degree day Left side Pink Valve on top of pipe is leaking coolant again as per the wet patch under left side of car!
  10. Well the ECM code appeared today! After the Fan issue and lights around fan knobs, the left headlight globe went. Replaced the headlight globe myself! Took it to mechanic today and he used the DICE and it showed ECM code error. I suggested he reset it as I have done this in the past and it has not reactivated for a month or two.... Of note it was a 34 degree yesterday and I drove at 120km\hr, aircon on, put petrol in the car......left work and the car felt sluggish but no error codes? As per the first line(ECM code on startup this morning) I checked the coolant reservoir with engine off, on flat surface, after code reset and noted it had dropped again to just above MIN..... more coolant noted at "release pressure area" near turbo pipe.... Looks like R1CKSO saw the future on 23rd August!
  11. Well the latest is that my left headlight globe went out. Probably nothing to do with the fan has gone from Flat out to when placed on 5 it ceases to work......1-4 work. Also when placed on HOT or COLD full the fan ceases to work. Other temperatures work? Tonight I noted the globe behind the temperature globe has gone now only the out gauge has a light? So a " VIDA DICE " software test to determine issue?
  12. ^ Anyone to the above comment above?
  13. Mechanic replaced the plug for free....leak stopped!
  14. Mechanic did not think it was Turbo return line from quick inspection
  15. Hi all, I put my car into mechanic for 225K service and noted that oil was in the pan in my garage, post service the next day. Due to focussing on my coolant leak being repaired and thinking that it will go away(surely just wear in from service) I let it go. It is now 3K kms later and the oil leak\drip is still happening as I noted a drop on the sump nut and the stabiliser bar is dirty. Took it to mechanic to check if just loose sump nut. Nup tight and still plenty of oil on dipstick. Now he says to book it in for hoist and will need to drain oil to determine exact cause! 2 week wait!!!!! Should I be paying for new oil\repair for what I believe is their fault in the first place? Oil was not leaking prior to service!