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  1. So The Fan Resistor cost $193.93 including GST.....but when I rang Volvo they said it was $180AU The 2 X coil pack that are Aftermarket cost $187 He replaced the Lead set aswell for $86.46 Charged me Freight for parts of $22! I noted he had topped up the coolant charge.... Now I notice a black scuff mark on the back left corner of car on returning home This year alone its been over $2K AU to service and keep it going.
  2. Rang Local Volvo Parts centre $206.60AU Each !!!!! $64US each above Have the car overnight!
  3. Told it is the "ignition coil" and he is going to replace more than one? This is what was causing the ECM error and the power loss?
  4. So today I drove to work with the ECM light on. Parked and worked. 8hrs later started car and no codes\lights on? Drove for 10minutes at 100kms and then a shudder and loss of power with the ECM and DSA lights appearing. Going up a hill I lost power and did not go down a gear? But the rest of FLAT drive home no noticeable change in driving home stop\start at traffic lights and average 60km\h. Fuel economy seems poor as well?
  5. This seems to describe my issue of error codes:
  6. Drove to work today and nearly same spot the ECM and DSA light appeared and stayed on. Stopped at work and 8hrs later started to no DSA light but ECM remained on. Then when slowing to traffic lights the car "shuddered" and seemed like it would not stop or would konk out. Then a pause in accelerating from zero, but then returned to driving fine. Also the DSA light reappeared?
  7. Rang mechanic. Hoped in car and NO error codes displayed. Drove to petrol station. Fuel in car. No error code until 20kms from mechanic. Drove to mechanic and reset codes. Temp sensor again! Drove to work and home later in the evening, No error codes.
  8. Driving to work today BOTH the DSA and ECM light came on. Stopping had the DSA disappear but the ECM stayed on. This usually means the Temp sensor needs another replace. Hoping a reset will fix it and will aim to get it checked tomorrow from mechanic. Here is my youtube video of this occurring before: I have now done 236K kms
  9. So I took it in.....he used a machine he said was "Vida"(I asked for Vida machine to be used) it had digital readings but the codes did not look like the above pic(14\8\16 post) on this thread and I could not see VIDA anywhere as he flicked through to specs of car to Aircon unit? He said all the aircon system and voltages are correctly working and that "Vida" does not show it to be the "module" which is the "resistor" working or not working? The last replacement fix I was told Vida said it was the "relay" and was replaced in the box under the hood. So his diagnosis is that his "VIDA" machine does not show if the resistor is faulty and the only way to confirm it is the resistor, is to replace it, to see if it fixes the problem?? Booked in for the 31\7\17 to see if issue. Now I asked VIDA determining if the 3 lights that light up the "headlight switch" but mechanic says it does not show if an issue on Vida for the globes being out in that area. Later in the conversation he said he can check the main computer to see if that picks up a fault....I have replaced in the past and only the "green one" now works as the others have remained off for over 10 years! mmmmm Will I get this fixed within a year?
  10. Well Fan lasted a month of perfect use! Back to not stopping on 0 and running at 4 on all other settings...... Back to Vida test it on Thursday....will report back if second hand capacitor or another issue causing problem. Hoping a reset via Vida may fix issue?
  11. The younger mechanic took it for a spin and I noted he knocked the left front wheel on gutter(only tyre rub) just when he pulled in he heard it faintly. I chatted for 10 minutes about the issue and told once get worse and consistent to comeback. Hoped in the car and was about to reverse and moved the wheel and heard it! Got the young guy who now listened from outside next to wheel as I turned left and right stationary of the steering wheel and he heard and identified it is in the strut\suspension mount. Booked for 31st to check mounts again on hoist!
  12. It's still "popping" on left side when moving very slowly ie. when moving in and out of car parking spot???? It's cold here and thought it needed to wear in but I'm concerned there is an issue that will get worse if not investigated. Any ideas?
  13. Volvo want $35AU for it!
  14. So I sprayed WD-40 and that did the trick. I removed the broken O-ring as kept popping out the side...was that the right thing to do? Should I attempt to replace this O-ring to prevent future deterioration of the area\button?
  15. Hi all, So the black o-ring around the boot button broke today and as a result the button will not retract out to flush and THE BOOT WILL NOT OPEN. I have read on other forums to try WD-40 around, to loosen the button and get a click sound to allow boot to open? Also use the key to lock\unlock as the fob has locked and it won't unlock to allow me to open it? I'm hoping I don't have to go via the back seat and disconnect a cable to get it open? Will the Vid Dice machine be required to unlock without having to go via back seat? Any other suggestions?