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  1. Warren, I want first dibs on the 5zigens and Team Dynamics if you ever decide to part with them!!
  2. Okay it's been forever. I'm super busy. Sorry everyone. Here's pictures of what I have ready to ship RIGHT NOW. 25$ takes all of this right now. I have more stuff in storage but I am too busy to get to it. If no one takes this in a week it goes to the garbage. If it's not in the picture don't ask for it I haven't gotten to it yet or it's in storage (or it got thrown away!).
  3. Hey guys, my apologies. Seriously super busy on this end. Hoping to make time this weekend to get into looking for parts and taking pictures and whatnot. The stuff I know I have on my table right now and ready to ship are the following- interior dome lights- front and rear sun visors- driver and passenger side rear "ohshit" handles- driver and passenger side Small OEM cubby that goes below single din radio Will post up again this coming weekend.
  4. Sorry it took a while to get back. Looked for this piece and can't find it but I'm sure I have the one from the parts car I just have to go verify it's in there. In the meantime here's some of the stuff that's been keeping me busy!
  5. I have the rear cupholder assembly somewhere, it came out a long time ago. Let me find it. I'm keeping the front one for a while longer still but it's yours when it comes out. I've got a super busy week this week so if I don't get back to you in a day or two please don't panic!
  6. Someone local already took those as well as the C-pillar trim.
  7. In the process of prepping the car for cage work. All interior is being guttted minus rear deck shelf and dashboard. I have currently front dome light, rear dome light, sun visors, rear handles (above rear doors). This is from factory light grey upper interior. Like new. Just pay shipping inside USA otherwise it's going to the garbage. Carpet foam (underneath carpet) is pretty nasty so carpet has gone straight to dumpster. I have the headliner but it's been sitting outside for a couple of days and has collected a few pine needles. Local pick up only on the headliner. Rear seats have gone to the garbage. Front seats will be available in the next few months standard dark grey cloth interior. Everything from the trunk has gone to garbage. I will also have all four door cards. Rear window switches in their housings are available. Parts are from 2001 S40 standard non-leather dark grey interior.
  8. Really? If that is so then it's time for my car to loose some more weight!!!
  9. I'm pretty sure that's not a heatshield. Funny thing is I've never really paid any attention to it. And it doesn't need to be removed to remove or install the turbo return line. You just gotta have the correct tools. 1/4" ratchet with extension and universal joint plus the correct torx bit. As a note some 40 series have torx bolts and some have alen bolts in which case if you have the alen bolts a standard size alen wrench works. Torque value on those two bolts is pretty low. With all that said that does not mean you can't remove the black steel bracket but again I've never found any need to remove it except when disassembling the entire engine and transmission.
  10. And the strut mounts for the manual transmission are totally different. They don't work with U.S. spec cars. Been away all week. Expect the prototypes for this to be done sometime in the next six months. I personally am in no rush but we are working on it. We also have a lot of other projects we're working in parallel (not Volvo related) so it's taking time. I'm also about to begin moving forward with the roll bar build for the car which eats up alot of my fab guys time!
  11. I no longer have access to a lathe otherwise I would do it. You guys may want to try this guy at He does essentially the same thing I used to do and he's cheap!
  12. Warren, We're going to be flying through Portland early morning so no stops there. Possibly on the way back but we'll see.
  13. Tried the K-sport pillowball mounts a long time ago (unfortunately I tried K-sports as well), quality wasn't there and the performance was blah, especially trying to make it work with the KW struts. As far as material goes that's still up in the air. More info to come in the following weeks. I'm off to California next week so work will be on hold and the S40 will be seeing some more action!
  14. As ol' dirty pointed out the KW's use the phase 1 style bearings on the KW tophats. Pricing is TBD. Keep an eye on our site for updates and I'll try to post here as soon as any progress is made! I'm looking not so much into camber adjustment as I am into correction of camber angle since the KW's have the built in eccentric tabs for camber I'd like to correct the angle at the mounts which is something that kills the rubber bushings prematurely it seems.
  15. Next on the list of to-do's. I know Warren will love this but will surely complain about the price! We're about to begin work on new front upper strut mounts with replaceable polyurethane inserts. Two reasons for this. One is the OEM mounts don't last very long when you're pushing the car extremely hard Second is I'd like to lower the car at least 1/4" to 1/2" more than it already is with the KW's. As usual these will be custom and super high quality. Lightness will be on our list of things to accomplish during the development of this product so we're going to do everything possible to ensure we make it lighter than OEM. Currently the plan is to make it compatible with KW coilovers or phase 1 suspension only. The plan is also to make the inserts fairly affordable as replacements and also choose a durometer that is not too much stiffer than the OEM rubber piece. Comments, suggestions and questions please bring them on!