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  1. I have an '07 manual transmission V70R and for several months now, I've experienced the same vibration under load. It starts to vibrate around 90 km/h (55 mph) and continues from there up. I feel it in both the steering wheel and through the seat. I've replaced both half-shafts, and currently the front to rear shaft is removed. Once in a while, while at constant speed, the vibration becomes much worse, kind of like a standing wave. Everything on the car begins vibrating and there is a tremendous amount of engine noise, almost sounding like a helicopter is hovering over my car. The noise seems to emanate from the engine compartment. The "standing wave" vibration will only go away after 10 minutes or so of driving, or, if I slow right down to 30 mph, not something I would recommend on a freeway. Otherwise, the vibration is constant at highway speeds, just not as dramatic. I'm really at a loss to explain this problem, and would appreciate knowing what happened with the other cars experiencing a similar problem. The Volvo mechanic thinks it could be an engine mount, but I would like to hear from others.