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  1. Almost there for my 2006. Hopefully my next shot will be all 9s (including the trip odometer).
  2. Thanks for the input, NEU. I think my 2nd set of wheels will be 17s as well. I'm sure that 18s would handle better but I want to avoid making the ride any harsher. Better rubber on my 17s will probably solve both of my issues. I bought the car with Pirelli "P6 Plus" Four Seasons 235/45/17 94H M+S" and I really don't like them at all. The squeal far too soon on corners and even during rapid deceleration. I can get another season out of them but they're really harshin' my high, so to speak.
  3. Two questions for you guys that have owned or driven on both 17" & 18" Pegasus wheels; 1) how does the ride quality compare, 2) how does handling compare? Please take into account the tire type so that it's a fairly even comparison. The reason for my question is that I want to buy a 2nd set of wheels for the winter. Right now my '06 V70R has 17" Pegs. I am considering using those for winter and getting 18" Pegs for the summer. I am hesitant because the car already rattles my kidneys and I can only imagine that larger wheels (and the corresponding lower profile tires) will just make it worse. Thanks for your input.
  4. I'm really interested in what your repair guy recommends to make your suspension less rough. Do tell.