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  1. The torque rod is broken on my 2000R, and can't find the correct one. Volvo dealer says part number is 9470836 by the VIN and it's discontinued. All over the web I keep running into Torque rod # 30680750 but it says it will not fit my car. IPD discontinued their neoprene torque rods so I'm beating my head, anyone had to do this search lately? TIA
  2. Does anyone know what the difference is in the different pt# rt side engine mounts (below the harmonic balancer) on the 70series cars? My 2000 R has a broken mount, and its more expensive than the ones for the 850s, XCs, early T5s, and I'm sure one or more I left out. If Memory serves, we used to be asked by the dealer what color dot was on the mount. I never noticed what the difference was when ordering these mounts. Will an XC mount not fit my 2000R?
  3. My apologies if this is not the correct forum to ask I have a 2000 V70R that has a starting problem. The ETS light shows up every now and again and I do the reset to clear it, it stays out for weeks at a time. The problem is the car cranks longer than it should before starting. I hooked up an OBD II scanner and the TPS reading is at 14% when the car starts. Sometimes it drops to 9% at idle. I'm not certain what the actual range of motion these throttles should have. BTW, I have checked and the ETC sensor does read correctly so I know that isnt the problem. TIA, Jeff
  4. Thanks guys
  5. I have no idea on how to find out. The only posts I have are this thread and probly 2 or 3 in 2015. Anything else is archived from what I can tell. I only ask questions, I'm no keyboard commando, I get along with everyone as far as I know but that -2 Poor Reputation is not fair without stating why. On other forums a persons feedback means whether your an honest guy that can be trusted to do business with. This I do not like and someone needs to prove I did something wrong or remove the negative remark.
  6. If this is something derogatory I think I deserve to know why
  7. Can someone explain why I have a -2 reputation on my status?
  8. Doesn't IPD make their own brand ignition coils for '99 & up Volvo's? I thought I read somewhere here about a 'V70R' specific ignition coil, that was higher performance than the O.E. coil #30713416 ? Anyway, I had a coil die on my '00 V70R and I figured I'd replace them all when the next one goes. (I had a spare) So if IPD doesn't make ignition coils are the Bosch any better or worse than Genuine? Still I could swear I saw a 5cyl Volvo with IPD branded coils somewhere...
  9. '00R I've had for almost 2 years I think. 150K and so far its had the evaporator, 2 alternators, PCV, VVT reseal & timing belt, and front struts have been replaced The angle gear crapped out so I'm FWD only right now, and most recently I wrecked the car so now it's mascarading as a GLT (bone yard had a tailgate for a GLT in the same color in perfect shape) http://