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  1. if you're tearing it down i would shim the block while your in there. you're going to need a bigger turbo than the 16t that it has now. i'd go with a k24 off of a 2004+ R. then you'll need a downpipe, intercooler, intake pipe and a good tune. drive line should be able to hold that. i'd change out the angle gear fluid and transmission fluid as well.
  2. i'm 1 year into my tune and haven't had a single issue/boost spike/anything funky with my tune. fuel economy is better on the highway and the car still pulls very very well for a 17 year old wagon. upgrading to a stage 2 in the spring once i drop the intercooler in it
  3. 18T and 19T flow about the same so you won't get that much of a difference. What about just rebuilding the 18T? Also is it straight flanged or angle flange because i know that the 19t's are angle flanged.
  4. how hard are you actually driving the car tho? track days? if not regular full faced rotors do just fine.
  5. Brembo/OEM (brembo is a better price) rotors and akebono pads is a pretty solid set up. WAY less dust then OEM pads and still have a good bite to them
  6. they'll be nice on those roads tho. I've driven through the Aveyron a few times and the roads were amazing. It was too bad I was driving a MB Vito tho.... would of loved to had my V70R instead
  7. man i would love a set of those Ohlins here in the states. Nice R!
  8. pictures aren't working. I'd love to see this car
  9. Also I just noticed you're in Colorado. Check out JZW tuning as well since he's local to you
  10. Check out lots of happy customers so far. I have it on my car and it's so far been nothing but amazing. and yeah IPD is very pricey on their tune
  11. yes! awesome i read through husseins thread on all the AWD parts but just wanted to double check. looks like i just got a 20 dollar angle gear. should be a fun little project cleaning it up and probably rebuilding it as a spare back up
  12. you can go this route. pricey but these sound amazing. cheapest route would be to get a muffler shop to fab you an exhaust up. then you can choose what exhaust you want. remember to go with a straight through design for better flow
  13. would the angle gear from a 2000 XC70 fit onto a 2000 V70R? I have a chance to pick one up really cheap and want to rebuild it and keep it as a spare just in case something goes south with mine.
  14. tie rod ends or possibly a CV shaft going bad. check both of those
  15. Looks clean! when was the last time the timing belt was replaced? Any plans for it?