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  1. It is T25. I bought this set from Amazon GLM
  2. Use a security Torx bit to remove the two torx screws holding the MAF unit and spray that with the CRC cleaner (That's what I do). Much easier than pulling everything apart. GLM
  3. Here's the definition of the color abbreviations. BL = Blue BN = Brown GN = Green GR = Gray LBL = Light Blue LGN = Light Green OR = Orange P = Pink R = Red SB = Black VO = Violet W = White Y = Yellow
  4. Here's the wiring diagram for 2005. I would think they are the same.
  5. Agreed, but on the other hand, those two torque mounts have two roles; isolating engine vibrations from the chassis and preventing the engine from rotating. Over 10 years and 100k miles from rubber bushings seem pretty reasonable and they are easy to replace. I wish the control arm bushings were that easy to replace. Mine all failed at about 110k miles. Are you getting much in terms of vibration with the poly transmission torque mount? I installed Pro Part Sweden's, which got rid of the clunk but has the side effect of increased vibration. GLM
  6. At a minimum, you need to find out if the car had the timing belt changed and when. Should have been done by 135,000 miles and if it hasn't there is a high risk of failure and lots of money required to recover. On the other hand, you can buy it and spend the approximate $500 to have the timing belt done right away. You should also have someone with Vida/Dice read the codes. GLM
  7. Find an independent Volvo shop with the necessary diagnostic equipment to see what codes it might be detected, which will point to more repair work. They should also do an inspection. Mine has 150,000 miles on it and I have complete confidence in it, but I've also taken good care of it. Looks like a lot of good repairs recently. I have a friend with over 350,000 miles on theirs and it is still running great so they will last a long time. GLM
  8. Yes, Vida/Dice is the way to go but be careful on youtube. I bought my first one from ebay for less than $100. The disk had a virus so it ended up being a wasted $100. I bought the one that I successfully use now from and they also have youtube videos on how to install and do the SUM calibration. You can also one of the recommended vendors discussed on Swedespeed (http://forums.swedespeed,com/forumdisplay.php?51-R-Forum-(2004-2007)). Good luck, GLM
  9. There are multiple threads on Swedespeed documenting on how to do this. Here is an example. http://forums.swedespeed,com/showthread.php?131979-Goodbye-spaceball-welcome-leather-boot&highlight=boot
  10. I don't have much to add, but there isn't a lot of activity on this forum and you might be better off posting on Swedespeed. http://forums.swedespeed,com/forumdisplay.php?51-R-Forum-(2004-2007) GLM
  11. I have the IPD downpipe and installation was easy (once I got the old one off!). I bought the Mototec Eurosport Turning Sport catback system first (it was on sale) to get rid of the squeal and to replace the original exhaust. The sound is very aggressive, but the kids and wife don't mind so I'm sticking with it. I scored the IPD downpipe when it went on sale. GLM
  12. That's a great deal from Volvo. lists Monroe equivalents at 220.79 plus shipping from Europe which puts them at about the same price as your Volvo find. That's the least I've seen, so I don't think you will find a better price.