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  1. There are No steel wheels available that will clear the Brembo brake calipers. Pick up a set of the 17" Pegasus replicas for you snow tires. One example: Doug H
  2. My Stealth is on the AEM and from personal experience, it requires a trained AEM technician about 3 hours on a Dyno to properly set one up. They are Not plug & play and every car combination is a unique tune. The AEM has a lot of capability, but is a complex unit that cannot be tuned by your typical backyard mechanic! Doug H
  3. Suggest you add another front O2 bung, on the exhaust, for your wideband for tunning and keep the stock O2 sensor to keep the ECU happy. Doug H
  4. Based on the following Note in VADIS, my guess is somebody messed up during the install! Note! Do not pull the outer part of the shaft. Doing so could damage the axial stops in the joints. Doug H
  5. Looks like an Audi mated with a Volvo! Doug H
  6. To make money! There are a lot of useless and Dangerous products on the market for purchase that people buy every day! For only $49.95 you can even buy a POS Tornado Air Insert! Doug H
  7. Balanced or Not, what will absorb the naturally occurring harmonics that result with any rotating assembly? When I was racing my motor assembly was balanced to within a 1/4 gram and I still was never foolish enough to run without a Harmonic balancer, but that is just me. Doug H
  8. Just a word of Caution! You are replacing a Harmonic balancer with a solid underdrive pulley. Sure in the short run it will help the motor spin-up faster but IMO it is Not worth it in the long run for the possible reduced reliability of the engine's rotating assembly and bearings! Doug H
  9. Volvo retail parts cost appear to be regionally adjusted and are rarely same from one US State to another! I know from working with Red at Brentwood Volvo, St. Louis that his retail price was ~ 7% less than the same part in Maryland! Doug H
  10. Cool Jeans! Doug H
  11. I never said it would not correct for some E85! I said "Since the higher mix of the E85 is messing with the expected O2 readings for gasoline the ECU is throwing codes." Doug H
  12. True the O2 sensor reads Lambda, but Lambda =1 is 9.7 for E85 and Lambda =1 for Gasoline is 14.7 so the ECU set up for Gasoline is Not going to be interpreting the correct fuel ratio for E85! Doug H
  13. I expect one of the problems you are running into is the ECU is reading the A/F ratio based on the O2 sensor calibrated for gasoline. The stoich for E85 is ~9.7:1, depending on the blend of your favorite gas station. Typical gasoline stoich is 14.7:1. Since the higher mix of the E85 is messing with the expected O2 readings for gasoline the ECU is throwing codes. Doug H
  14. A typical street car does not get the brakes hot enough to take advantage of any heat dissipation properties of the slots or dimples. In addition, the lost surface area of the drilled dimples and slots reduce the effective surface area for braking. Ferrari's, Porsche's and other Super cars are promoted as high speed track cars were there is a benefit. It is really not worth arguing about because it does not make a difference one way or another and I have to admit they look cool! Doug H