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  1. Maybe, I took my ignition column apart a million times for the manual swap and never saw/removed anything like that but I never removed the steering wheel either
  2. My car died due to ECU failure, $1k gets you the whole car which includes the entire manual swap, KWs and full suspension, 3" custom exhaust, BBK, craters, spectras, roof racks, and good body panels, interior got flooded, you'd need to tow it, anyone interested can PM me
  3. Let's see it actually move under it's own power 😒
  4. No idea, so long ago since I did it
  5. You can't use the cap, it doesn't seal, you need the motive adapter for odd euros
  6. I know a guy who knows a guy
  7. Jesus fvcking Christ how do you even drive a car???
  8. There's coolant everywhere, you prob had a mass head gasket failure and overheated to the point of warping the entire deck/head
  9. 5.5psi is stock wastegate pressure. I know this because there used to be an MBC thread and I can attest to the numbers. When setting the MBC with the TCV bypassed you start with the MBC all the way open which will effectively default to wastegate pressure. Then montitoring with an actual boost gauge and not some obd Bluetooth BS gradually close the MBC till desired boost is achieved. with the MBC open boost would build to 5.5psi (3psi lower than stock) and the wastegate would open. in short get a boost gauge hooked up, bypass your TCV and do some 3rd gear pulls. If you see less than 5.5psi your wastegate is the issue.
  10. run away
  11. Just here for the lolz
  12. Don't even bother if you want performance out of it, find a different car.
  13. Just remembered his name is actually Gabe, dunno where I got Alex from
  14. Yea that's Alex I think is his name prob wrong I know him, funny you saw him in Florida, that's about 3k miles from his home state of Pennsylvania lol he's on Volvospeed name is John Cena
  15. No you'll need red injectors
  16. I need all that, I was looking into powerflex bushings from Europe but if I can get em stateside
  17. 3" catless turboback, you shouldn't have an issue in TX, nowhere near as strict as NY and all those bro trucks and diesels out there are catless 14T turbo and mbc is as good as it's gonna get in the states
  18. Dude we already covered this on VS, I'm ol dirty noodle btw, this thing is a useless gimmick, especially for a barely modified car like yours, I got it for free to do a review, pretty much the only reason it's on the car, spend your $ elsewhere
  19. Yea basically a handful of early MY 01s built in early 2000 had ph2 exteriors motors/trans but had some ph1 sensors like the IAT, MAP and one other.
  20. Passed inspection for the first time in 3 years and the 40 is actually road legal again, the 6 month G-ride is over
  21. No the hose is same,that's not what's different. You Prob an early 01 with the old sensor setup like a phase 1, phase 2s have both the map and IAT sensor on the IC pre hoses, phase 1s have the map sensor post IC/TB which is why it might be able to hold idle despite the hose having a small tear. On a phase 2 the calculations have been made by the ecu before the air starts leaking which is why the car won't idle
  22. Odd, Did you have a 00? An 00 prob would hold idl because the sensors would be post leak if I remember correctly
  23. THE FAN RESISTOR IS NO GOOD!!! google it
  24. Here's the thread will try to make it as comprehensive and how-to like as possible
  25. Aww thanks