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  1. I have a camber kit in the rear on my 04. Made a huge improvement, but getting it on was a PIA. Ended up having to take it to the dealer since no indie shop in town would do it (said they lacked the tools). Front doesn't seem to need it, even with the KW's.
  2. Love the trademark, that's gold!
  3. Tables were being updated and something is taking longer than expected. It'll be back.
  4. Sucks to see this. I think your asking price is high. Given the work required on the car, and assuming it's a car that doesn't have new tires, new brakes, etc.... I think it's worth around $800-$1,000. Hopefully you get more, it's such a great color!
  5. I know that when Jake grenaded his transmission on his trip across the US, he lost reverse. Sounds stupid but have you checked the cables on top of the transmission ? When my cables snapped, I only had 3rd, I limped the car for 7 miles across town in 3rd gear only.
  6. Try these guys, close enough to CO
  7. Spoke to Big Will, here is what he recommended: ""it's called Jönköpings Bildemontering. They are physically attached to Genuine Classic Parts (the company that buys the old stock from Volvo and the tools to make the old parts). The site is available in English as well though not French. My friend there is Matthias Nyström but he is on vacation this week. Another good person to speak with there is Stefan Wikström."" There you have it. Headlights are tough to find, but hopefully they have something. If you want US spec headlights, hit up Volvo & Saab Dismantlers in California. I've used them countless times, they are rock solid. Quality parts and quick turn-around times. Good luck!
  8. Group texts are still an issue, it's just now starting to get back to normal. Valerian: the forum is mostly US based users, with some Aussies and Brits as well. Je suis Francais, aux US. Je contacte un ami Américain qui habite en Allemagne et je t'envois ca. Il a un contact en Suede qu'il utilise pour acheter des boites de vitesse et autres pieces rares. Mike, I was thinking that Big Will may be able to help with his wrecker connection in Sweden. He's in Berlin now but should have the guy's contact info.
  9. can of paint and multiple coats of clear ? It's $20, worth a shot, right ?
  10. Just seeing this thread, good stuff. Springs aren't sold yet, you can still change your mind.
  11. Sign #56 that you're not aging gracefully: you start repeating yourself..
  12. I figured an animated GIF was fitting.
  13. Congrats Mike. That was a secret worth keeping. Let's see that user base grow!
  14. You're a ****ing moron. No one wants porn PM'ed to them. Seriously, find a better use of your time.

  15. Glad I deleted the message w/o opening the link. Not cool, especially when you have your 3 yr old in your lap.