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  1. I have to ask...do you do the engine removal/install yourself ? and did you drop it out from underneath as before ?
  2. Thanks for the kind words my friend from the other side of the continent good to see the term "mate" is getting world wide use ! Fitted the sunroof the other day, still got a bit of a leak, lucky I haven't put the head lining back in yet...boy she is keeping me busy. Regards Daz Wow ! I just checked out your garage..And I'm liking what I see, my silver centre console trims are scratched so I'd like to get them painted up just like yours ( if you don't mind )
  3. Yep Its a manual too ! just a money making project that one...
  4. Here are some pics as requested from today Still running XC fogs as that was all I could get In front of the 2004 R Here we are in the middle of a sunroof swap ! Picked up a great complete assembly out of an XC70 so I decied to put the lot in as mine was very slow. Some shots of the rear Thanks and regards.
  5. Hey guys Finally after 2 and a bit years its on the road and registered ! I believe its one off only two saffron manual v70R'S in Australia, the other resides in Queensland. It may have been a piece of junk to some but I think it was worth saving, thanks to all who have given me guidance and the will to see this project through Regards Daz
  6. As with most things these days there is a special tool for everything, there are two Volvo tools used for adjusting the fingers on the pressure plate. One tool consists of three springs that are fitted to a ring that bolts to the pressure plate. There is also a tool that fits to the pressure plate whilst its all bolted to the car, it compresses the clutch fingers allowing the ring tool with the three springs to reset the clutch pressure plate back to the original setting. I just used a press and and a couple of big screwdrivers and with the help of a friend managed to adjust it to the correct setting.... Anyway I drove it all the way home tonight, seemed pretty good except for a lot of rattles inside the car, some around the dash. others around the tailgate area Power seems sluggish down low then it gets better in the mid rev range,nothing like the 2004 R that I have... I will throw a boost gauge on it and see whats happening there. Anyway its home now and I can concentrate on all the little stuff.... Time for a nice cold beer me thinks
  7. Well the slave cylinder bleeding went to plan this time, gearbox is in, fitted the transfer case and the crossmember is up and bolted on.. Here is a pic of how the alignment marks should look when a new clutch plate is installed...notice the small spring compressed at the bottom of the pic ? there are three of these running around the perimeter of the pressure plate .Failure to get this right will result in a damaged slave cylinder and the box will need to come back out. A few more things noticed like the ball joint rubbers have seen better days... Jackson has tomorrow off for Tafe ( College tech training ) so we might have it drivable by Thursday...
  8. So after a few days poor Jackson gets a bit of time between jobs and a bit of time there to finally get to pulling the box back out, the slave cylinder was removed and sure enough the was fluid dripping out of it, thankfully the clutch disc didn't get much on it. Now at this point yours truly can't get out in the workshop much as he has a busy life in the spare parts section...And as I'm only a parts interpreter my Ideas are sometimes Ignored.. Young Jackson gets to fit the new slave cylinder and the box goes straight back on....this time Jackson and mechanic no 2 decide not to put the rest of the subframe back on before bleeding. Well you can guess what happened next.... new slave didn't have a chance. Nobody checked the Vadis print off print off I had provided a week ago when it was all going back together on how to adjust the self adjusting pressure plate, so it was way off and the slave extended far beyond its capabilities and tore the inner seal right off the shaft again.... So out of the five mechanics we have working here only one could explain how to pre adjust the pressure plate, apparently it is similar to the Mazda B4000 ute. New slave ordered and tomorrow is a new day....
  9. Yeah thought that may be the case Are you using genuine or aftermarket bolts, head gaskets and seals ? Volvo Australia want $160 trade price for a set of head bolts and $120.00 for the head gasket. More drama's with my car...I'll post it in my thread....
  10. Are you putting new head gaskets on every time you do this ? Reason I ask is I have a head gasket that's been on a head for about a week then I stuffed my bottom end, got another project now...I would like to use the good head and the gasket on my 850R ! The gasket looks the same as yours with that red coating on it.. Regards Daz
  11. Saw it getting pushed into the workshop today..and so the fun begins.
  12. Please do some youtube vids and show us mere mortals how this baby goes One question, do you use genuine Volvo sealant when fitting the top cover back on the head ?
  13. Naaaaa its you guys that sound funny
  14. This might be clearer hosted at youtube