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  1. Hi Car is dead (2007 v70r). I found the extra set of keys and fob in a drawer yesterday. Are these useful at all? Free to anyone that can pick them up. I'm in Calgary. Email me at: If I don't hear from anyone by mid June I'll toss them. Thanks.
  2. R Gang, Some clown ran a yield sign a few weeks ago and, as a result, my car (2007 V70R, MT, grey, nordkap) is a write-off. Had it for just about ten years. Great vehicle. I've got a tonneau (sp?) cover in the garage that someone can have if they want it (and want to pick it up - I'm in Calgary). Never used. Also selling a nice set of wheels/tires. Link here: If I hear where/when they're parting the car out - I'll post it. Car was in great shape.