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  1. quiksilver - going to www.volvospeed.com and selecting the "R" forum seems to take you back here. Am I missing something?
  2. Thank you. It helps to have another confirming voice before I buy a $300+ part.
  3. glm409 - thank you for finding this post. It is really helpful.
  4. I found a nice write-up on replacing the SAS if that is the root cause. Any ideas based on the report attached?
  5. Hoping someone can steer me right (no pun intended). The issue is a periodic error: Anti-skid Service Required followed by Chassis Settings Temporarily Disabled. I am not quite sure when it happens. It might stay on for a ride or two and then disappear for a week or two. I had a Volvo specialist run a diagnostic; the report is attached/below. Their suggestion was that I replace the steering angle sensor (behind the steering wheel). Does that sound like the best course of action? Any other ideas? Thank you.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Nice to know it may be feasible. I will take a look underneath the shifter plate.
  7. '07 V70R 6 speed manual. At the risk of incurring wrath from the great forum members here, has anyone ever added a leather gear shift boot to their manual transmission? I have always liked the look and feel of a "gear bag" around the stick shift, and find the silver ball with tapered arm somewhat visually unpleasant. I realize this is a unique feature to the R and I've lived with it for about 4 years now. I was just curious if anyone else had tried to add a leather boot. Thank you.
  8. I have seen elsewhere that I should consider having the whole PCV system serviced. Might make sense if I don't do the hose and some one else does the removal of the whole intake, etc.
  9. 2007 V70R. My upper PCV hose is split completely through in two different places. It is the original plastic one; I have the new Volvo rubber replacement hose in hand. My question... Is it possible to replace the hose without removing the intake manifold? I removed the cover and I can see where the hose connects at the bottom end, I just don't see an easy way in there. Hoping to avoid a trip to the mechanic.
  10. Tzantushka - thanks, I took a look at the post. I would like to do it the right way but for now I need a quicker fix. Sadly, I tried today and had no luck. I did manage to pull the wheel and bend back the inner fender liner. I still could barely reach the compressor. And it looks different than any picture I have seen so far. I think I measured the gap correctly at around 0.8mm. But I could not figure out at all where I would put the copper sheet metal makeshift spacers. And I didn't see how to reach all the way around the compressor, although it appears to turn. I certainly didn't see how one would put a puller or anything on the face plate to pull it if I were to actually service the clutch/shims. It was really, really tight in there. Looks like I am heading to the mechanic for the full costly repair...
  11. It certainly seems like the clutch is the way to go. I didn't know it could be adjusted. I see people buying new clutch kits which aren't that less expensive than a whole new compressor. Your advice is well taken. I am not sure what is involved in a clutch adjustment (haven't looked that up yet). I might try the quick fix until I can see what's involved with the actual clutch work. Thank you again for the advice.
  12. Sure. After driving for 15-30 minutes with the A/C on it begins to blow warmer air. We turn down the thermostat knobs for cooler air but that doesn't last long. Eventually both thermostat knobs (driver/passenger) are all the way to 60 and the cabin still isn't cooling off. Turning off the A/C for 20-30 minutes and/or stopping the car for a little while seems to "reset" the system. But it isn't for long when the symptoms happen again. Searching the other Volvo forums turned up almost exactly the same issue and for the daring, it seems to be solved with the bread clip/zip tie/copper plating "ghetto" fix. I was looking at this thread here as something to try. Sadly, no I am not an A/C mechanic and novice to moderate on some repairs to the car.
  13. To hijack my own topic, I would also take advice on the "bread clip" or "zip tie" fix to the compressor. I appear to have all the classic symptoms of an A/C clutch gap too large which can be fixed this way. If anyone has done the fix or has advice one way or the other, that would be great. I am all for not having to buy a new compressor to install. I have found a number of other articles but would really like the advice of folks here.
  14. It looks like I need to replace the A/C compressor (bummer). It seems to be a somewhat common V70 problem. I am looking at the usual suspects for the part and see a few brands and price variations. The aftermarkets are about half the Volvo OEM. Anyone have experiences they can share? Nissens is the cheapest with Valeo being a bit more. Thank you.
  15. Thanks Tzantushka and Neu. And sorry about the late response. I appreciate both your replies. Looking at the car on the long trip I just took, the right side rear definitely is lower than the left. Looks like I need to replace. I read somewhere I should do both at the same time. Is that true, or given they are relatively new I can just replace the one?