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  1. The car is running really well right now and still very tight. I put a bunch of money into her in January to get everything up to snuff and she has been very reliable. She typically gets out for ~60+ miles/day. I've only had the car for 20K miles. Since then I've had to replace the AWD collar gear, angle gear unit, a rear wheel bearing, driveshaft CV joint and some computer module (can't recall of the top of my head). Previous owner had to do many of the common tasks such as brakes, wheel bearings, axle ping, remove driveshaft braket for rain squeal, etc. Yes, I plan on keeping her and the timing belt will be coming up soon. I also expect the clutch will put a dent in my pocket sometime before 150K. Other than those two items, we'll have to see what goes next. Shock/Struts I may just do with the timing belt later this year. Compared to my '91 740 turbo s/w, she is running much smoother and tighter for the mileage. -Mark
  2. Completed break-in at 1am last night. Any other club members yet? -Mark
  3. Okay, enough of this crap. I'm back to 21. The car is so much more fun over 3k rpm.
  4. Funny how people are starting to think twice and try different things... I started changing my driving a couple weeks ago just to see the affect. Like others, I've just gone less aggressive in my everyday driving. No more fast starts, slow down a couple mph while cruising, coast more, etc. I've seen my mileage increase about 15% from 21mpg to 24mpg. -Mark
  5. From my shop, "the part number supplied to us was 31256246-5 for the collar. the (-5) I think is an indication of part number or part update (supersession)." -Mark
  6. Wow Alex, that was fast! Great write up. I'll quiz my shop to see what part number they got. As I recall they said it was a kit and came with new seals. -Mark
  7. House looks great Doug! My wife and I built a house in Monroe, WA last year. Played GC and did much of the finish work myself. It was a fun process to go through ..... once. -Mark