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  1. Selling a set of (4) - Volvo Pegs wheels. Original OEM Volvo wheels ( not replicas or made in China wheels) 18" 5x108 18 x 8 x 46 ( offset = 46) Black finish CB =65.1mm (these will fit the 2004 - 2007 R models). They will fit newer Volvos with use of Hub centric adapters ($ 25/set). All have subtle bends, but can be straightened out. Verified by local Wheel Repair company (they inspected and spun them). Cost to straighten them isn't bad, but wife does NOT want black wheels on the Volvo. So, I am now selling these... Priced to sell considering they need a little bit of work to straighten. Actual picture of wheels for sale. $ 285 / set of 4 wheels. Message me for more pictures or search PEGS in Wash-DC craigslist. Prefer local pickup in Mid-Atlantic area (Washington DC, Baltimore, Delaware). I occasionally get to Pittsburgh area as well. thanks.