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  1. I have loads of sympathy, and maybe a little bit of help - at least in the form of perspective. I'm the original owner of an '07 R that now has 195,000 miles. At 150,000 miles I dumped dosh into her. New Olhins all 4 corners, angle gear, linkages etc....all normal wear and tear. Spend about $10k in total and have no regrets. The car drives better than the day I bought it. Today, I installed an Apline iLX-107 stereo and did a bunch of routine maintenance. So long as the car looks and drives well, and is reliable, I'm rolling on. By my calculations, my maintenance costs are still lower than buying anything comparable. As Docv70r said, not much out there that rivals the V70R. The key to the longevity of my ownership is that I have a crack mechanic. He's a certified Volvo tech with 30 years under his belt. He's a fixer, and he's ridiculously reasonable (by local standards - labor at $50/hour). If you can find an independent where you are, the pain of ownership will be greatly reduced, and the joy enhanced. And if you want to ship it back east for my guy to address, I've no doubt he'd be delighted to sort you out. Wishing you many miles of smiles!
  2. 187,950 miles on the R and she's still a delight to own and drive. In some ways, the older she gets, the more fun having her becomes.
  3. I also have an '07. Mine has roughly 185K miles on the clock and recently had the same symptoms. I bit the bullet and replaced the sensor. It was the right move and has returned the car to "normal".
  4. 2007 GT with 171,819 miles and going very strong :-)
  5. Arrived home late last night from a 1,200 mile journey in the R. The car now has 165,350 miles on the clock. I refreshed the suspension and parts of the drive-line during the summer of '14 and have logged roughly 15k miles since then. The car has never driven or performed better. Average fuel economy was 25.5 mpg combined city and highway for this most recent trip. Around town I see 15-16.9 mpg and pure highway I see 26.9 mpg at average speeds ranging from 70-80 mph. The GT transmission has had minor flaring issues since about 75k miles. I've flushed it numerous times, and reprogrammed a few times. While not ideal, the flaring is rare and manageable, and it really doesn't detract at all from the driveability and enjoyment of the car. If all continues to go well, I imagine enjoying this car for a long time, and many miles, to come.
  6. Just Rolled past 147,000 miles. Drove the most recent 2,600 miles over the course of the past 7 days looking at colleges with my daughter. Most days we logged more than 400 miles. Am always amazed by the comfort of this car. Was able to drive 5+ hours at a clip without so much as a single ache or pain. Don't know of another car I could have tolerated so well. Had the rear seats flat with a foam mattress and my kid was able to sleep through the long stretches in incredible comfort. Averaged about 75 mph and 24.9 mpg (combined city/highway). Amazing to think that I contemplated selling this car a couple of years ago. Now, I wouldn't dream of parting with it and only hope it holds up well without costing a fortune to maintain.
  7. Am exactly a month away from her first birthday and we've logged 17,850 miles to date. I'm figuring 20K/year for the next 5 and really glad to hear that your car is tight and strong at me hope
  8. I'm not sold on hybrid technology. The clean diesel is pretty good and when one considers the downstream pollution created by the disposal of hybrids at the end of their useful life, I'm not sure the net is really any better for the environment. I'll need to drive one of these Jetta's to see whether there's a factor. At the moment, Diesel is a few cents more than premium...not apples to apples but less than a $. And, with double the economy, a good savings of both fuel and $.
  9. I have an '07 GT with 16.5K miles that I uses as a commuter in, out and around New York City. I average about 18.6 mpg combined city/hwy. On the highway alone I'm getting between 24.5 and 26.2 mpg, depending upon how I'm driving, which is usually like a bat out of hell. Paid $4.33/gallon last night.... This is begining to look interesting...Driving 20K miles a year, 40 MPG City - 50 MPG HWY has a nice ring to it... Powered by the 2.0L Clean Diesel TDI, delivering 140 horsepower and 235 ft.-lbs. of torque, the new Jetta SportWagen does not conform to old station wagon stereotypes. Using readily available body components and finished in custom paint and graphics, this Jetta TDI SportWagen demonstrates what can be done to personalize a Jetta. To reinforce the sportin this wagon, the Jetta's underpinnings were upgraded by H&R Springs to lower its ride height, and make its handling razor sharp. The Jetta TDI SportWagen remains firmly planted with 19 inch Sportec Wheels and Yokohama Tires wrapped around an upgraded Brembo brake kit, providing high performance stopping power. Hella provides up-level lighting components that add a unique flair to the styling.