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  1. Discounted new Volvo V70R parts that will get your wagon handling like new I used to own a 2004 Volvo V70R that I loved. In November of 2016, I was hit by a Dodge Ram 2500. It appeared to be body damage only, but ultimately the frame was bent and the car was totaled. I was planning to take the car to the shop the very next week to have all of these parts installed. All parts are brand new, never installed and most are still in their original packaging. IPD HD Front Sway Bar & Mounting Hardware IPD HD Rear Sway Bar & Mounting Hardware. They retail for $427. I am offering both of them for $350. Here is the link to those items on IPD. Volvo HD Sub Frame Bushings -$160 of parts that I am offering for $120 Here is the link TME Lowering springs - Originally $480 parts that I am offering for $400 Here is the link I would be willing to pull together a package deal if you are interested
  2. Thanks for the comments. The car has 101,000 miles on it. I drive about 6,000 miles a year. Mainly to and from work on rural roads through farms. Paved but windy. Rear Suspension: Yes I was referring to the shiny spot. Questions: The steering is vague. if is turn the wheel left while goign straight, it will continue to pull left, Not returning to center on its own. Same for turning right What "right" tools would be necessary to replace the subframe bushings on the car?
  3. I have spent the better part of 2 years trying to track down an issue on my car. The front end just feels loose. Handling is very bad and it is not fun to drive anymore. I have replaced the following items: Rear End link - Sept 2012Upper Engine Mount - Sept 2012Spring Seat on both struts - IPD HD - Aug 2013Transmission Torque mount - IPD HD - Sept 2013installed IPD SUbframe Polyurethane insert - Oct 2013Both Lower controll arms IPD HD - Dec 2013Right rear wheel bearing - Dec 2014Front right wheel bearing - Feb 2015Right Lower engine mount - Feb 2015L&R Front sway bar end links - Feb 2015Right inner tie rod end - Feb 2015After all of that, I feel that the car is still not "right". I also bought 4 subframe bushings from IPD and I am struggling to find a place to install them. The 2 loval places I took it to, said they don't have the tool to remove the bushing. Does anyone have experience with changing these? It seems the subframe needs to be removed from the car completely and a special tool from Volvo has to be used. I would rather not have to pay Volvo shop prices to have this done. I bought these based on talking to IPD and the fact that one or 2 of the subframe inserts were difficult to install. They said that a subframe bushing may already have failed. Any other suggestions on why I continue to have these issues would be greatly appreciated too. Finally, there are two strange wear spots on the car. See attached pictures. It looks like the underside of the hood has been contacted by the engine at some point in time. And the very clean wearing on the rear seems way too clean for just going through a Pittsburgh winter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I believe I will be using this write up in the near future. Below are the sypmtoms that I am experiencing, can someone let me know what I should be replacing? 1. Rattle in the front end when going over bumps 2. With the hood open and putting weight down on the front end, the boot on top of the nut (#22 in the above skematic) moves up and down. This leads me to believe the spring seat is shot 3. Car is not nearly as "tight" as it used to be. Cornering leads to a lot of sway in the car and needs to be taken at a slower speed then before. 4. Most likely not connected to this issue, but there is a lot of power steering noise recently. Belts are tight, fluid is at recommended level Car is a 2004 6 speed Manual. 91,000 miles.