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  1. So we all agree it sounds and accelerates in a permanent smile inducing way but how is normal drive-ability compared to stock? Just curious. Mine is still my daily and if it sounded and accelerated like that I would need to be filling up the tank more than once a week I suspect because I could't restrain myself ...
  2. Can't wait to hear it in anger
  3. So. 15 minutes tops till she's running then The worst part is even if I had the balls to copy your work (consider it flattery rather than a rip off) I couldn't as the brake booster in our cars is right there in the way. Are we talking big $'s by the way in terms of parts like the engine internals you are running with?
  4. Is it possible to do the above with the rear CV joint that connects the tail shaft to the torque tube/viscous coupling?
  5. Wow. Thanks Hussein! So what happened to this coupling? I'm guessing they aren't meant to be solid with black crud like that and those little tabs are individual wet clutch type disks.
  6. Wow. That's a big difference. I guess the shield reflects a whole lot more than it transfers. Any updates? Dyno runs, drive by video's?
  7. No worried about heat transfer to valve cover? I realise there isn't an easy alternative if any at all ...
  8. Substitute doughnuts with those pics above and that is me
  9. Real men take the engine out to change the plugs
  10. Mine puckered in sympathy when I saw them missing in the head shot above
  11. Eeeeek. You removed the CAMS!!! Hope you have your fitment regime' fully documented Hats off to you sir for doing what you do