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  1. No convincing involved, actually. The rear wheels were not turning when they should have been. On clear dry roads, it is difficult to tell if the AWD has failed, but on slick surfaces, the grinding noises are a give away that all is not well. That and an obvious lack of traction, even with excellent tires. There is a way to diagnose this for sure and that is to put the car up on a hoist and turn the front wheels by hand. If the rears do not turn, then the AWD is non-functional and requires further investigation. I was hoping it was just a pressure switch but it wasn't. I have the extended warranty so I'm not saddled with a multi-thousand dollar repair. I tried to be proactive by checking the fluid levels often, but the angle gear failed anyway.
  2. The grinding noise you hear is your transfer case AKA angle packing up. I know this because my car is currently at the dealer getting the angle gear replaced under warranty. The reason your back end breaks out is that there is no drive to the rear wheels.
  3. Same here!
  4. Great analysis Alex, lots of information here. It would be interesting to do PMI (Positive Materials Identification) and hardness tests on a collar that is in use but had not failed. Perhaps your buddy could test yours. I'm wondering if Volvo's QA/QC program has failed and left them with a bunch of substandard collars out in the wild? Thanx again.