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  1. So how are you liking the outback after all this time? im still rocking the Orange Crosstrek. Had a weird issue with the alignment being way off and eating my tiers on a long summer road trip, but Subaru ate the cost of that (though I'm out the cost of the new "emergency" tires.) i did get the extended warranty so whatever. Im sort of wishing for something larger these days. I almost leased an outback when we got the Crosstrek. But a highlander with some towing compactly would be nice. I don't think I'm going to change anytime soon.... (unless I can convince the wife to get a small camper)
  2. Wow, Ait's been a year already? Congrats!
  3. Yay! Yse more photos are needed!
  4. Glad to hear it's getting closer to being done. At least it's Running!
  5. Glad to see some progress and Glad you Didn't throw in the towel on this.
  6. Great Find! Hope your able to get it up and running again!
  7. those do look pretty awesome! can't wait to see 'em installed!!
  8. Well Pepto is Pink.. magenta is Red-er... If I was doing pink (not that i would want to because it wouldn't go with Saffron, and if i did, my sister would steal it) I'd Go with Schiaparelli Pink.
  9. The Dark Wheels are HOT. The Orange, While different, look not so good In my opinion. I need Acthricite Wheels for my Saff.
  10. What you you mean Rust Boy? Just because I pull out that picture of Mom's Old Blazer that rusted all crazy like because it was a 91 and all the paint fell off... :rolleyes:And It probably would look good on a lexus. the Chrysler i saw it on was all ghetto-blinged out, so I felt it was done in poor taste. I Vote Saffron on the Bottom, and then maybe a Acthricite on top. The Saffron Top with the Bright Silver bottom looks a bit odd to me.Really Quick and Dirty Photoshop.but this is what I'm talking about...
  11. I recently saw a Chrysler 300C with that 2 tone on the Freeway... It didn't look that great.
  12. I've said it before and I'll say it again (though the before was on a different board) That 2 tone gray makes me think of my Mother's former 1991 Chevy Blazer. but on the other hand, that photoshop with the orange stripe was pretty cool looking. Good Luck with your choice....Or the choice that is made for you.
  13. I always wanted a Saffron Vert. I just kind of stumbled across the V70 and was able to make it work...
  14. Every time you post pictures it give me ideas.... Ideas that my checkbook can not afford. Looks Great! Where are the Volvo Letters on the grill from? a Semi? and that tint is 35? I think that may even be legal here........
  15. I think that is Ug-ah-cha-ka.