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  1. Hello, I usually take my 2007 V70R to Autoscandia in Herndon VA. I have a lot of work that needs to be done, and I wasn't overly excited about their estimate. I got an estimate from in SpringField, and it was half the cost. They seem to have good reviews on Google, but I was wondering if anyone here has heard of them. I need the following work done: TIMING BELT REPLACE TENSIONER FRONT WHEEL BEARING REPLACE TIE ROD END TWO FRONT STRUTS, STOPS, MOUNTS TWO LOWER CONTROL ARMs ENGINE MOUNT UPPER ALIGNMENT Thank you!
  2. Copy that. I will see how disciplined I am at not watching it when I'm moving and my wife is watching. If it is distracting, I will disable the feature. We are in Korea right now, I don't know the law here... Thanks, Guy
  3. I just installed the adapter. I have the HU-650, RTI, no TV, and no SAT. Everything worked well. I haven't tried playing a video yet, but I'm guessing it will work fine. Most people probably know this, but you don't have to splice wires anymore with the supplied cables. You just have to unplug the melbus cable from the back of the RTI, and plug it in the IPOD. You then plug the green ended "funny" ended cable into the RTI, the blue ended cable into the adapter, the green RCA video cable into the adapter, the IPOD cable into the adapter, the IPOD cable into the IPOD, the supplied melbus cable into the RTI, and melbus cable into the adapter. Question, how do you use the video unlock and lock files on your IPOD. Are they like the firmware where you have to go to the service menu and play them, or can you just play them normally? Edit: you use these files just like the firmware, i tried it and my video unlocked as advertised.
  4. Not sure we are talking about the same wire. I ordred the 4m IPOD cable, but there was only one option for the power cable, and it was 2m. So, if you place the adatper in the cargo area, that it was why I was asking if you hook up the power cable to the rear fuse box? Thanks, Guy
  5. I'm ordering the IMIV tonight. I had one question so far. Can you only play video on the NAV screen using the IPOD, or can you also use the Volvo DVD player where the Nav discs go? I know you can use another DVD player that outputs PAL, but it would nice to be able to use the supplied DVD player. Of course you can't use the navigation at that point, but I would still like the option. Edit: And another question. If you mount the IMIV adapter in the cargo area, is the 2m power cable long enough? Do you hook it into the rear fuse box? Thanks, Guy
  6. Alex, Copy all, I learned a lot! Thank you, Guy
  7. I wouldn't say there is a "loss inherent in the auto". There are more and more cars coming out in which the auto is faster than manuals, regardless of driver. This thread and the sweedespeed thread seem to have settled on the gear ratio for being the difference. Here is the swedespeed thread Guy
  8. I'm going to put a link to this topic in swedespeed. With their higher traffic, maybe one of the IPD reps will have an answer. The gear ratios and ability to launch seem like 2 pretty good posibilities for the difference. Guy
  9. Doug or Alex, Do you know if you will get any reliable information on the GT torque limiters for the 2006/2007 models? If the 0-60 times are Mid 5s for MT and high 6s for GT, I would like to know what is causing it. Not going to change much for me at this time, but nice to know for everyone. Thanks, Guy
  10. Thanks again (for the 10th time in a week), Guy
  11. Copy All, Thank you.
  12. Nice. How does sotfware get downloaded? For example, if I wanted the Fog light software 9499585-9, do they have to re-load all the software, or just make the change to the fog light software? Is it like updating windows with a security code, or formatting the harddrive and loading a new version? I'm asking to learn, and also because I suspect there might be some language barrier issues if I take it to the Korea Volvo dealer, and I kind of want to know how they do it to help explain what I want. Thanks, Guy
  13. Hmm, I was putting the items in my shopping cart online that I needed to re-wire the lights when I read this. How does the software work, ie, if they do load it for me, does the software get overwritten by any other updates I have done later, like the seats or auto-lock. I guess I'm wondering if the american dealers would notice the fog light software, think it was an error, and change it back while loading other software? If I go with the wiring option, and you don't figure out the wire color by the time I execute, then I'll get the wiring diagram. Thanks for the link. I can't find the exact parts you bought, I have a question on the fuse and fuse holder. Are the fuses you used "regular" blade or "mini" blade? I found your exact fuse holder online, but only in a brochure, not fore sale. So far I can find a protective mini-blade fuse holder and regular-fuse holder, but I can't find a protective regular fuse holder with the correct gauge level. Would this work: It doesn't have the protective cover, that is what worries me. I found a 7.5Amp mini-blade fuse, but not a regular 7.5 Amp regular fuse. Why did you chose a 7.5A fuse, I assume that is the fuse used in v70 for the foglamp? Do I have to use a 7.5A fuse, or would a 10A work? Post Edit => Well, I just realized maybe it doesn't matter if I use a mini or regular blade fuse as long as I match the fuse with the fuse holder? It is not like I have to plug the fuse in the vehicle fuse box, so maybe I just answered my own question. Finally, you used 18 gauge wire and a 12 gauge fuse holder. Is 18 gauge the ideal size for the wire, or did you pick that size because of availability? If 18 isn't ideal, what is? Thank you, Guy
  14. Thanks again Doug. Well, unless someone says there are dealers out there who are willing to update the software to make the fog lights selectable regardless of other light settings?... I will be doing the re-wiring. Do you happen to know the color of the high beam circuit for the 2007, or where to find the color? I could try and go to a Korean dealership to have them download the fog light software, but I'm pretty sure there would be something lost in the translation if I asked them to do that.