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  1. Need details on the drivetrain - looking for trans to build. I also have the Nordcamp blue interior - would be interested in interior bits also. Live in CO though. Maybe post some pictures? Thx.
  2. I love the sound of the 5cyl Volvo turbo's with exhaust kits!
  3. I ordered the IPD turbo back kit. It gets installed this week. The ECU tune is next, but I see that IPD doesn't have the softloader:,P7756 Are there any other ECU tunes? I still think the IPD stuff is a bit spendy...
  4. I looked into this in depth some time ago - I think the best option is the Grom kit that plugs into the radio. Everything else operates off of the antennae and the audio quality isn't that great. I did use a Grom kit in out other car and the Mic. stinks on that particular application. The mic needs to be positioned just in the right spot for it to pick up voice clearly. IPD does have the kit, but it is overly expensive ($198) in my opinion. It looks fairly easy to install. If you aren't worried about the voice options then maybe one of the cheaper kits would be sufficient.
  5. Looking at the IPD exhaust system - from turbo back. Have the "rain squeal" problem and looking for upgrades. Who has used the IPD kit and how's the performance?