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    Just checking if you're still around - Check your PM's if you are.  :)

  2. Revolv ? Are the 98-00 Considered P2's ?
  3. Never went far. Just not on the puter much these days.
  4. Not sure about this Volvo couldn't even confirm this for me. . . . . . . I believe the 2000 XC's where 4spd auto's. If so my understanding is it wont work. If that's not the case, Lemme know because I'm in need of one as well. Thanks,Dave
  5. You want the 03 & newer HG if I remember correctly. they went to a triple layer. Might also want to put a straight edge across the top of the block. if it over heated to bad it will cause the block to have a dip in the middle. At that point you need the block decked.
  6. In need of a Bevel gear/Angle gear/transfer case for a 2000 V70R. Figure he's parted out enough R's maybe he'd have one. or if anybody else knows of or has one lemme know. Thanks,Dave
  7. If the gap is to large(or stock) when the boost hit's it can blow the spark out, or enough to cause this hesitation/trailor hitching effect. I agree with javier, 26 is a pretty good starting point. I'd have to speak with my brother, I believe when I was spiking 28#'s of boost & Holding 25#'s my plug's were gapped at 22-23. You'll get it figured out Will. . . . . . Then I'll be down to get it ! ! ! ! ...............Dave
  8. Congrats Mike. . . . . .Job well done. Never had a doubt ! ...............Dave
  9. Any help is more than appreciated. Still learning my way around the web site . Thom

  10. Did you find the lost axle assemble by chance. I'm about done with the rest of the AWD system and ready for the axle. Any help is more the

  11. Hi Dave , I tried to get a message to you but I must have sent it to some one else, since I haven't heard from you

  12. Have had the 06 up to 155 felt very planted. The BSR tune, Eibachs & IPD track spec sway's made it a pleasure to run up to that speed. ................Dave
  13. agree 100% Kevin. . . .There was alot of people that claimed anything less than 93 Octane & their car wouldn't run right & rattle & ping. So to test this theory I've ran everything around. On All my vehicle's. The 06 sit's alot, & when I do drive it I get on it abit. So for that reason I run 89 or usually 93 just for S&G's. But other than that like you said. If your driving the car sanely you really shouldn't have any issue's. ......Dave
  14. I didn't know VIVA had a SM replacement for DM setup (uses existing S60R DM Clutch) - that's what this is - not a SM replacement for SM stock. I'd have to go back & check . . . I thought Viva's was the same(using the DM clutch) but maybe not.
  15. Ment to ask you over on VS, why not go with Viva's SM flywheel. I thought they were only 600. . . .and another member from SS PM'd me a link to get it for 540 from Ultrarev with free shipping. . . . .? ? .........Dave