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  1. Cool! Welcome.
  2. Welcome - pics please!
  3. Correct. Utter B.S. from Canadian Tire - for more info visit this link and scroll down to the 7th page (noted as page 22). You'll find info on the oil level sensor there.
  4. Sorry to hear the bad news. As these engines are interference engines, most likely the valves are cactus. Unfortunately, no detailed service manuals for the R. UK publisher Haynes publish a V70 manual - but not specifically for the R variants. I'd suggest obtain a copy of VIDA, legally through Volvo Cars bookstore, or though other vendors on various eCommerce marketplaces. Depending where you are, FCP or ipd are good sources for parts.
  5. Welcome. Suggest you find a workshop with Volvo's specific VIDA scan tool which can look deeper into the car and troubleshoot. Otherwise double check your battery is on good condition . With out the right diagnostic tools you could be chasing your tail for a while
  6. Welcome - what help do you need?
  7. Cool. Suggest you get your shop (or yourself) to degrease the area and then monitor.
  8. Congrats and welcome. Oil leak could be a few things: 1) Transmission fluid -from top of radiator where the return line goes into the radiator. (these cars use the radiator for coolant and trans fluid) 2) Weep hole from intercooler (over time you'll have an accumulation of oil building up there) 3) something else
  9. Nice - clean her up and post some pics.
  10. 200K - nice effort. With a complete suspension refresh it will make her feel as good as new... And drain your wallet as well
  11. Common for these belts to bind-up and cause grief. As Bellerophon suggested, give the seat a few bumps in the layflat position to see if you can release the retracter mechanism and load limiter from its stuck position. If that doesn't work, you'll need a new mechanism.
  12. Agree - Sonic Blue P2R with a Gobi interior. That will help narrow down the list of available vehicles!
  13. Black R.... Sweeet! Remember maintaining black cars are a lifestyle
  14. Sounds like the DIM (Driver Information Module) is on it's way out. IDo a quick google for Xemodex.
  15. Agree. I think you're lucky, the car has made the ultimate sacrifice and it's time to treat the car as a total loss. Just make sure your insurance company doesn't lowball you. Look around here and the other forums for sale prices of cars similar to yours. Go back with a counterproposal and see what they come back with.