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  1. It's been a while since I visited here, I had to replace a DRL so naturally this is the place to go for knowledge..... A 'reintroduction' is probably in order. We bought our R on October 29th 2003, it is just short of 200k miles. I planned on keeping it until all three of our kids learned how to drive a manual with it before we let it go. Our oldest learned in cost us a clutch. She is now a Navy Officer stationed on a ship in Rota Spain....she finally realized the importance of knowing how to drive with a manual transmission. Our middle one is Tomas, some may remember his three year fight with leukemia from 07-10. He is now 16 and has mastered the manual transmission without destroying it. Anna turns 16 next summer, she will be number three. I'm not sure if I will get rid of the car when she learns how to drive it. I'm seriously thinking about having it rebuilt/upgraded from the ground up. This car has been the focal point of this family ever since we bought it. We have had four other cars since getting the R but only the R was there for the chemo runs, emergency room runs, range time, senior prom, commissioning and so many other life events that have defined our family.
  2. I forgot to add the front brake pads, they were part of the $3784.51 bill.
  3. This is the second clutch I had to replace, the first one was about 60k miles ago. My daughter managed to destroy it while learning how to drive. The findings upon taking the car apart was that it was probably a rebuilt/shaved flywheel and they weren't sure if the clutch that was in the car was the right one it was lacking markings of origin. I had it done at a dealer that managed to have all of the parts on hand the day that I showed up....with no advanced warning. I've been using an independent Volvo Repair shop for a few years now. So the damage: Clutch kit $458.22 Seal Ring $11.05 Flywheel $1038.03 Slave Cyl assembly $213.25 AWD coupling kit $114.92 Towing, fluids and labor, total cost was $3784.51 Driving back home, the car feels like it did in October 2003 when we first bought it.
  4. Yes sir Mike....number 4 But.......we haven't replaced a bumper since sometime in 2008...
  5. We finally went over 100,000 miles last Thursday. The R is in great shape but we have replaced parts whenever needed..... Front bumper 4 times, rotors, clutch, wheels.......and numerous other mechanical recommendations from the dealer.
  6. The early ones weren't, in 1984 when we were issued the A2 with a 1 in 7 twist rifling the potental started to be realized. When shooting at 1000 yards with the 80-82 gr round, you have to individually load the rounds, they won't fit in the magazine.
  7. She wanted to go out to the range with me when I purchased the rifle....I promised her that I'd get her on target within 5 took off from there. I retired from the Marines but military service/time isn't needed to get involved with competive shooting. These are a part of the Civilian Marksmanship Program that is funded by Congress, NRA is heavily involved. Most states have junior teams (13-21 yr olds) the teams only ask the the junior shoot. Equipment, rifle, and fees will be covered by the team if the parents can't cover it. My wife wanted her to go to a summer camp this year......that was enough guidance for me to send her in June to the Eastern Matches at Camp Butner. She's been shooting 77 grain bullets, as soon as I get my hands on a couple hundred rounds of 80-82 grain bullets....I'm going to send her to the 1000 yard line.
  8. Here she is at the 200 and 600 yard lines.
  9. She finished out the season competing at Camp Perry in August....her best shooting is at the 600 yard line.
  10. Oldest daughter (15) after her first time shooting a high power rifle this past April.
  11. Check, do a drive by at Oberammergau and get the t-shirt also
  12. @ AlexD, I wasn't following the this thread, if you get a chance do a drive by at Oberammergau it's just south of Munich. They have been doing the Passion Play there every 10 years since the Plague, it is well worth the trip. Also while down in that are go to:
  13. What I missed about the states when I was stationed over there was the abilitly to drive from one coast to the other without having to go through border checkpoint crossings in France, Austria (most unpleasant), Lichtenstein, Andorra, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, and Spain. The EU was supposed to take care of those problems but it didn't do a very good job of it at the time. I also missed the use of one currency even with the Euro, you still need a Swiss credit card or Swiss Francs to buy gas after 10:00 PM, I had to go to McDonalds and buy 2 Big Macs with 2 $20 USD bills in order to get Swiss Francs for gas. I missed winter road maintenance, the Germans didn't put salt on the roads, I was told it damages cars. Not funny seeing the HMS Titanic Billboards with the "To Fast" in German as BMWs, Mercedes, & Audi's loose control and spin off the road as they macht snell. I missed 24/7 bathrooms on the roads. From Germany, I don't miss hunting for Esso Stations. I don't miss driving 130 mph, and finding large trucks in both lanes when you crest a hill. I don't miss carrying 60 gallons of fuel in the trunk because the gas was so expensive in France & Switzerland.