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  1. I have an 06 V70R that I'm interested in selling and have no idea what to ask for it. It's a GT with a mere 266K miles. Runs well, drives well but it's not perfect. I put a different block in it at 249K (cracked liner). The donor motor had ~150k. I reused my head because it was pressure checked, milled flat, and had a hot bath. The old head was better so I used that one. I blew up the turbo at 255k. I picked up a used one with 80k on it and put it in without having it rebuilt. I don't have a boost gauge but it is still very zippy. A few other things I done to since owning. When I pulled the transfer case I welded the sleeve. AWD still good. I just put a new A.C.condenser in it... A.C. works good. I had replaced the front 2 shocks, oil cooler, radiator, 3 inch catless CNT downpipe. I whacked the resonator. It sounds good. 1 inner tie rod end and 1 outer. It comes with an ebay DICE (which works 50% of the time). I just put in a used clockspring and did a SUM cal. Right now I'm still showing a faulted right front accelerometer sensor to put on soon. Currently I can switch 4C settings when I first start it. Shortly after driving I'll get "Chassis settings service required" which locks it into whatever mode is chosen. I need your honest opinions please.