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  1. This was a great upgrade for my 1998 V70R. It REALLY woke the car up. It has the SAS pump delete option already installed. It looks exactly like this: $200 and free shipping inside the U.S. Contact me using skipthompson at hotmail dot com
  2. The car sold today. It went to a good home.
  3. Maybe some pictures of this fine Swedish steel will get someone's creative juices flowing. A couple years ago I put a passenger's seat cover on the driver's seat so it is in great condition. The pictures of the interior didn't come out very clear because the lighting was poor.
  4. Welp, a tank on my radiator popped and my car got real hot, real fast. It turns over but has no compression. Too bad because it was running great prior to this. Its body and interior are really nice for a car with 281,000 miles. In the last 3-4 years it's had lots of new parts: Heater core Bilstein Struts Lemforder lower control arms and sway bar ends low mile turbo ~80k miles Rebuilt head (hard to say if this matters because the car got hot) Alternator starter front axles front disks and pads Fuel Pump It comes with all my spares (I've owned three 1998 V70Rs over the years) One good bevel gear One bad bevel gear A nice rear bumper cover Front disks and wheel bearings new set of front pads new set of silicon intercooler hoses new set of heater hoses A new radiator (too bad this was in the box and not in the car!) An extra rad. fan A gauge cluster A dash pad with speaker intact A new coolant over flow tank The stock 1998 V70R wheels with a good set of Michelins. Another head and cams Oil pan Make me a ridiculous offer and come get it in Martinez, CA.