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  1. They can be reliable car as DD if you will do their regular maintenance repairs. the stalling could be due to dirty fuel injectors, dirty MAF , or dirty Idle valve controller which locate by the throttle body.
  2. Still got SRS light
  3. Long enough
  4. Yes to ARD.
  5. I haven't sell it yet. I'm moving so cleaning up the garage.
  6. I have an OEM rear sway bar. Anyone need one, send me $10 for shipping and I will send it your way. Otherwise, I'm throwing this thing to the trash in 1 month.
  7. Put a bigger one in. Problem solved.
  8. Part of being trial and error on old car. First , found out my intake pipe was ripped. Second I know my fuel delivery had issues but wasn't sure which parts. cheaper to clean it then pull out to send injectors for deep cleaning. Beside , Seafoam the intake is only helpful then not doing it. my only vague issue was didn't know if my O2 sensor was bad or not since I didn't get a CEL for that.
  9. Wuss. I would just left it unplug.
  10. That is nice man. My car look like a beater compare to your. change oil and put another Seafoam via TB route on sunday. Did a pull yesterday and it went smoothly up to 6000rpm. Seem to be back to normal now. Damn it feel good to feel the full boost again.
  11. http://v70r.com/forums/topic/61757-need-to-replace-exhaust-flex-pipe/ What system listed on ebay? I know there is Jetex? and some other one
  12. Well, he bought back his S40. He was driving the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X as far I remember.
  13. Contact auto tech. They should able to get a right tune for you.
  14. Carlos mention he might bring a new forum back. But then again, that Carlos. Soon, I won't even have the S40 anymore.