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  2. Is there a best place to advertise your car for sale. In the past I have heard of V70R's being listed on Ebay Motors. Is that the best option? I am in Vancouver Canada with a 2007 model. I purchased it in the US and think I should sell it back into the US but I'm not sure of where to advertise or if Americans will come to area to purchase or see it.
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  4. this sounds crazy. probably more than one issue. have the mech look at the viscous coupling. something in the driveline is messed up. i wonder if a tire balance weight is loose and spinning eventually gets it centered. most of the whinning i've heard of are wheen bearings.
  5. not sure this is related, but didn't around 07 they changed the canBus? Stuff might not be talking.
  6. Hi Guys, so last year I bought an 04 V70R m66 with a "bad engine". Anyway I pulled a low mileage engine from a s60r and I replaced it. Here's where the fun starts. Yesterday when we went to start it, we had no luck, and since we did basically everything to the car, problems could be anything. Dead: Cluster, front windows, sunroof, doesnt crank over. works: driver seats, rear windows, radio, hvac, fuel pump, rear lights for sure, fronts unknown yet I know I have a problem here before starting the engine, is it the CEM i should start with? I inspected all the interior fuses on the side panel, none were blown, but maybe the panel itself has gone bad? I believe that to be a common problem on these cars? OBD port has no connection at all to a snap on scanner. Let me know what you think, thanks.
  7. I mentioned this problem a few months back in responding to another thread but I'll elaborate on the problem. I have experienced an intermittent violent shaking of my 2007 V70R which is really unsettling. I have been experiencing ongoing vibration problems and have been trying to solve the problem for several months now. I believe the constant vibration through the steering wheel and even through the seat is a result of tires and rims (most likely). I have replaced both front half shafts and still experienced the constant vibration. To further eliminate possibilities, the mechanic removed the rear shaft for a few months. That didn't solve the vibration problem, but the intermittent violent shaking did go away. Yesterday, I had the mechanic put the rear shaft back on, and took the car for a drive on the highway. About an hour into the trip, the shaking began. It starts as a low frequency hum which builds in intensity slowly. After about 30 seconds, the whole car is shaking violently, to the extent that I cannot see a clear image in the rear view mirror as it is shaking around so much. The noise becomes a whap-whapping sound, like helicopter blades, I think coming from the engine compartment, but it's difficult to say as the noise in the car cabin is so loud it's difficult to identify the source. Engine response is very sluggish during the shaking. Slowing down or speeding up has no effect. After several minutes, the shaking slowly goes away. Any thoughts?
  8. did you do the plugs when you did the coil? What about the plug wires? just clean the MAF before buying a new one.
  9. So either pinched or fell off due to wear and tear after high speed driving..........Front right centre mud cap with "Volvo" written on it. Volvo wanted $44AU for a replacement. Wreckers $10AU(Actually $15 but they made an error) Now when I got the part that Volvo said goes on the car, the Number was different! Mine was older than the replacement part that is not stocked any more by Volvo. Got a similar part but the silver has turned white in an are that only noticed when the sun hit it!
  10. In mine is for folding it forward
  11. not exactly sure what you are describing, but might be inflatable bladder for lumbar
  12. Both the passenger and the drivers seat have a little lever on the back base of the seat......What does it do???? Another way to describe it is back base, below the lumber member used it when attempting to find lumber support!
  13. I now have 198,000 on the clock. I constantly replace parts due to old age or breakage and typically use Volvo parts. Recently replaced steering rack for the second time---the last one I bought was a leaker. But now there is a tough problem that does not seem to want to yield. The car is just a hard starter. It takes 5-6 cranks to start and often needs 2 or 3 times to do this before even starting. Have replaced the fuel pump and filter about 18 months ago with Volvo brand. Just replaced all tuned up parts along with coolant temp sensor and fuel pressure regulator. Replaced a couple of vacuum hoses including the one from the air intake to the metal tube behind the engine that feeds the fuel pressure regulator. New coil. Fuel pressure measures around 38 at idle and rises to 44 on acceleration. Holds pressure for hours after turn off. Have not replaced the MAF. Would appreciate any ideas.
  14. +300,000. This engine? 10,000.
  15. Has anyone installed a Volvo trailer harness on an '04 that plugs in to a 7 pin trailer connector? If so, what part number? What brake controller did you use? Thanks!
  16. It is with a heavy heart that I accept responsibility for failure to properly reassemble and properly set up the cam sprockets after cam seal replacement resulting in bent valves on my highly enjoyable Gray wagon. I've had the car for the last 50,000 miles and recently replaced tires. seals, etc, in anticipation of another 50,000 miles and passing it on to my son who just became a driver. I'm sure that FCP will be sorry to hear this also, but I'm past the point of repairing it. If a fellow V70R fan is interested in this car I would be happy to pass it on. Let me take some pics and upload, and we can talk. This forum has been a great help in the past, much appreciation...
  17. Hi Everyone, Hope you are well! A few friendly 2019 Davis Meet Weekend reminders: 1. Important Dates 2. Event Pre-Registration 3. Swap Vendor Registration 4. Day of Event Volunteers ---------- 1. Important Dates Pre-Event: Sunday, April 21, 2019- Saturday RSVPs & Sunday Pre-Registration closes Event: Saturday, April 27, 2019- Saturday A-La-Carte Events Sunday, April 28, 2019- Sunday Davis Car Show & Swap Meet ---------- 2. Event Pre-Registration There is one week left for Saturday RSVPs and Sunday Pre-Registration! Saturday A-La-Carte Events: -Full Breakfast and a Volvo Get Together, hosted by Niello Volvo of Sacramento (Participation limited to Volvo-bodied & Volvo-powered cars) -Scenic Drive for Fast Group -Scenic Drive for Slow Group -8th Annual Pre-Davis BBQ Party There is no charge for these events, but you must pre-register online at by the deadline, April 21th. Sunday Davis Car Show & Swap Meet: The show is open to all Volvos and Volvo-powered cars. Admission to the show field for cars is from 8 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. and the registration cost is $20 per car, payable in advance online at or $30.00 at the entrance gate (cash only) on the morning of the Show. Need more information? Ready to Pre-Register: ---------- 3. Swap Vendor Registration In conjunction with the Show, there is a Swap Meet and vendor area with Volvo-related products and services. Swap Meet spaces are limited, and available by pre-registration only. No Swap Meet spaces can be purchased on the day of the Show. If you are interested in obtaining a Swap Meet space, please contact Larry Biltz, our Swap Meet Coordinator, at: larrybiltz925 at gmail dot com to see if we still have spaces available. Those interested in a vendor space should contact Al Simons, our Sponsor Liaison, at: alan.simons at sbcglobal dot net ---------- 4. Day of Event Volunteers Thank you to all of our current day of event volunteers! A friendly reminder to please meet at Central Park (at Third and C Streets) on Sunday, April 28th at 7:00 AM. --- Interested in contributing to the 20th Annual Davis Meet Weekend as a Volunteer? Let us know! ---------- Join the conversation on Facebook: --- Looking forward to seeing you at the 20th Annual Davis Meet Weekend next weekend! Take care, volvie!
  18. I check on it every now and then but there are barely any new posts. I kinda wonder if a P80 R group on facebook would get more traffic.
  19. OMG......Mechanic went to town on my car and my hip pocket :\ So he ended up replacing the Alternator belt, VVT front seal, blank plate(?), Cam seals, Cambelt KIT(current was not OEM and only done 100K...said it showed wear marks only had 30K left so replace at same time?). Also the Breather box kit was replaced as he said it was blocked? Intake manifold gasket and a second hand temp sensor(seem to replace this every second service and no indication to me faulty as he claims? Labour was $605AU Total $1480....half the value of the car?
  20. Hi Everyone, Hope you are well! An update to yesterday's updates. RE: Lunch: Peter sent along the following message: "I confirmed that Bob C. is bringing and cooking hamburgers and hot dogs. He is bringing everything for that, even some potato salad. Heino is bringing a flat of plain water. Only other thing we need are soda and ice chests to keep everything cold. Chips and dip would be fun also." Shout out to Bob C. and Heino! Please be sure to thank them on Saturday! And, if you plan on bringing an item to share, please let us know by replying to this message or Contacting Us: --- RE: Planning Meeting: The Planning Meeting will follow the BBQ lunch at EuroTech. Please bring a chair if you would like to participate. --- Looking forward to seeing you all on March 30th! Take care, volvie!
  21. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well! This Saturday's forecast is currently mostly sunny and 70 degrees. A fantastic day to bring your Volvo, camera, and ideas to the 11th Annual EuroTech Tech Session, Lunch, & Planning Meeting! --- The EuroTech Tech Session / Cars & Coffee runs from 10:00A to 1:00P and is a great opportunity to put your Volvo on the lift and check things out before Davis! The Lunch & Planning Meeting are traditionally held at Lots of Luck Restaurant and runs from 1:00P to 3:00P. However, there may be a change to the Lunch and Planning Meeting plans. Details are provided below. ---------- Tech Session Updates: 1. Donut Volunteers have been found for the EuroTech Tech Session / Cars & Coffee Event! Please be sure to thank them on Saturday! Shout out to our event volunteers: Frank and Glenn! Thank you for your generous donut donations! 2. Volunteers are still needed to purchase / donate coffee for the EuroTech Tech Session / Cars & Coffee event. If interested, please let us know! Please, reply to this message or Contact Us: ---------- Lunch Updates: Peter has informed us that someone has expressed interest in hosting a BBQ for lunch at EuroTech following the Tech Session / Cars & Coffee. At this point, we do not know who this person is or what they will be making and/or providing. (If you are this person, please get in touch!) To be on the safe side, please assume this will be a pot-luck style BBQ and consider bringing something to share along with a plate, utensils, and a chair. If you prefer to shop local, there are a number of grocery stores in the area. For more information, please check out this Google Map:,-121.2996239,14z --- In the event that the person planning the BBQ cannot make the event, we will attempt to move lunch to our traditional lunch spot, the Lots of Luck Restaurant. Please note, however, that we have not made a reservation this year due to the planned BBQ, so we will need to ask if they can accommodate our group. If Lots of Luck Restaurant is unable to accommodate our group, or you cannot attend the Planning Meeting and prefer to get some food to go, there are also a number of restaurants and cafes in the area. For more information, please check out this Google Map:,-121.2996239,14z/data=!3m1!4b1 ---------- Planning Meeting Updates: In the event the BBQ lunch is hosted at EuroTech, we will also hold the Planning Meeting at EuroTech. Please consider bringing a chair if you would like to participate. In the event the BBQ lunch is canceled, we will attempt to move the Planning Meeting to the Lots of Luck Restaurant, but may need to postpone the meeting if they are unable to accommodate our group. --- Looking forward to seeing you all on March 30th! Take care, volvie!
  22. First guy I go to want $800AU for after market replacement and claims the Sunroof needs to be removed....hence the cost?
  23. So after last service I noticed that oil on the garage floor via mechanic, coming from CAM Seal area. So now going in for that to be checked and replaced and at the same time the Alternator belt will be replaced as it has "cracks" appearing that means it is wearing out. Seams the parts are cheap, it's the labour that is going to cost as involves locking the engine.....blah blah
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