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  2. Hi Andyb5, Starting to have problems with my trans in my 99 and may need a swap. Do you still have your auto trans? How did the manual swap work out for you? Best, Marty
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  4. Hi Everyone, Hope you are well! 2019 Davis Meet Weekend Planning is underway and the date has been set! Mark your calendars for: Saturday, April 27, 2019 - Sunday, April 28, 2019! Saturday will be A-La-Carte Events. Sunday is the 20th Annual Davis Car Show & Swap Meet. --- Event details are still being coordinated and confirmed. When details are released, announcements will be posted. --- For all the latest information and updates, please visit: Golden Gate Website: 2019 Davis Meet Weekend Facebook Event Post: --- Poster by Sheldon Carpenter. Looking forward to seeing you all at the 20th Annual Davis Meet Weekend in April! Take care, volvie!
  5. Hi Everyone, Hope you are well! Mark your calendars now for the 11th Annual EuroTech Tech Session, Lunch & Planning Meeting: A message from Michal Vachuska, SacVCOA Planning Committee: Hello everyone! You are invited to join us for the 11th Annual EuroTech Tech Session, Lunch, and Planning Meeting on Saturday, March 30, 2019 starting at 10:00A. EuroTech is a local shop specializing in all phases of Volvo diagnostics, service, and repairs. The owner, Peter Mausolff, has many years as a Volvo tech. The session will be a free flow format with Peter and his staff available to answer questions, take a look at your car, or even get it on a lift to check out that issue you have been avoiding. So, bring your immaculate, dirty, dinged, vintage, new, or barely alive Volvo! There is no charge for this event. We are looking for someone (or a few people) to donate coffee and/or donuts. If you would like to do so, please indicate this in your RSVP for the event and we will give you an up-to-date head count for the Tech Session. After the Tech Session, we will have Lunch and the Planning Meeting at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Please RSVP by Thursday, March 28, 2019. Meeting Location: Tech Session: 3259 Monier Circle, #100 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916-631-4118 Lunch / Planning Meeting: Lots of Luck Chinese Restaurant 3084 Sunrise Blvd # 12 Rancho Cordova, CA (916) 858-1525 Google Map (will open in new tab/window): Meeting Time: Tech Session: 10:00A Lunch / Planning Meeting to follow (~1P) Cost: Tech session: Free! Lunch: TBD by menu choices, but you will need to cover your own lunch costs. Notes: -Coffee and/or Donut Volunteer(s) needed. Please indicate your interest in your RSVP for the event and we will give you an up-to-date head count for the Tech Session. -Lunch to follow Tech Session -Rain or Shine! Event Flyer: SacVCOAFlyerEuroTech_March19 (Google Doc at Google Drive): Preview available on the website here: RSVP by 3/28: Contact Michal Vachuska, Event Coordinator Facebook Event Discussion: Looking forward to seeing you all on March 30th! Take care, volvie!
  6. these cars eat wheel bearing for lunch. your issue doesn't sound exactly it, but who knows.
  7. an engine mount could be it, thats the cheapest place to start.
  8. I'm glad that someone is finally keeping an archive. I would have expected past admins and moderators to have kept site data in an archive, but alas, apparently that hasn't happened.
  9. I have an '07 manual transmission V70R and for several months now, I've experienced the same vibration under load. It starts to vibrate around 90 km/h (55 mph) and continues from there up. I feel it in both the steering wheel and through the seat. I've replaced both half-shafts, and currently the front to rear shaft is removed. Once in a while, while at constant speed, the vibration becomes much worse, kind of like a standing wave. Everything on the car begins vibrating and there is a tremendous amount of engine noise, almost sounding like a helicopter is hovering over my car. The noise seems to emanate from the engine compartment. The "standing wave" vibration will only go away after 10 minutes or so of driving, or, if I slow right down to 30 mph, not something I would recommend on a freeway. Otherwise, the vibration is constant at highway speeds, just not as dramatic. I'm really at a loss to explain this problem, and would appreciate knowing what happened with the other cars experiencing a similar problem. The Volvo mechanic thinks it could be an engine mount, but I would like to hear from others.
  10. I think this is a good engine bay Video to compare!
  11. Still got issue and reckon bearing? Service in less than 2K will try and get them to sort it 100km and below 60kms not noticeable...wheels aligned and plenty of tread?
  12. IIRC the 00 has that manifold. the upgrade would be the mani of a P2R
  13. Looking for a copy of the NAVREQ DVD later than Q3 2009. Navteq no longer supports, Volvo has dropped the part number. Willing to pay for a copy - would like all three - really need the one with Colorado. Thanks, Jim Pope Denver, CO USA
  14. Hey guys, I have a 2000 V70R with a factory manifold and wanted to ask if it is worth swapping to one of the "japanafold" manifolds and does it really provide that much better performance or is it marginal/negligible? Currently have my motor out on a stand replacing all the seals and gaskets and trying to decide if its worth getting one of the japan manifolds to swap on while everything is apart...
  15. Hi All, has this issue ultimately been solved on this particular car? Br
  16. Just took my US '07 V70r to Mark G in Edmonton, AB. For only 1 hr of labour, he changed temp, gas mileage, and daytrip etc from Imperial to Metric. No more guessin' and approximatin'! Thanks Mark G Auto Service!
  17. Hi Everyone, Hope you are well! The details for the 2018 Sac Volvo Club Holiday Party at the California Automobile Museum have been confirmed. Here is the latest: Mark your calendars now to celebrate the holidays with us from 2:00 - 6:00P on November 25th at the California Automobile Museum! Full Event Details: A message from Ken Rothaus, SacVCOA Planning Committee: You are invited to join us for the Sac Volvo Club Holiday Party at the California Automobile Museum on Sunday, November 25, 2018 from 2:00P – 6:00P. The California Automobile Museum celebrates the holidays with a Tree Trimming Party and Potluck Dinner on the first Sunday after Thanksgiving. I will provide the tree, you provide the trimmings (such as a postcard sized photo of your Volvo with a hole punched into it to hang on the tree) and bring one cold side dish, salad, or dessert potluck item to share! The museum will provide the main course (smoked or barbecued chicken), complimentary coffee, and a cash bar. Please RSVP by Friday, November 16, 2018 for the Holiday Party. See you there rain or shine! Meeting Location: California Automobile Museum 2200 Front Street Sacramento, CA 95818 (916) 442-6802 Google Map (will open in new tab/window): Date: Sunday, November 25, 2018 Time: 2:00P - 6:00P Cost: TBD by potluck & tree trimming choices, but you will need to cover your own costs. Notes: Items to bring: -Tree trimmings (such as a postcard sized photo of your Volvo with a hole punched into it to hang on the tree) -One cold side dish, salad, or dessert potluck item to share Event Flyer: SacVCOAFlyerHolidayParty_November18 (Google Doc at Google Drive): Preview available on the website here: To RSVP: Reply to this post. Or, Contact Us: And, your message will be forwarded to Ken Rothaus, Event Coordinator Looking forward to seeing you all on November 25th! Take care, volvie!
  18. For sale, 2004 volvo s60r $6500 The 1st/2nd shift fork went out, there is no grinding on the gears/no weird noises. Just won't shift into first or second 6 speed, Clean title, 124k miles, current tags, four-c and haldex work perfectly. The car is not perfect, the rear bumper has seen better days, the interior is in decent shape (normal seat wear) Engine: Engine was rebuilt at 116k miles Darton sleeves weisco pistons k1 rods arp head bolts bottom end bolts and rod bolts Stock rebuilt head Garrett gtx3071r turbo tial mvr44 liquid cooled wastegate (with full spring set) ported stock "R" exhaust manifold 650cc injectors bosch 320lph fuel pump oem Porsche turbo tcv large front mount intercooler hks blow off valve ipd downpipe (converted to v-band) Obx catback exhaust bosch Motorsports high output coilpacks Do88 radiator Ipd upper and lower radiator hoses Ard full tune with dice adapter All gaskets, pumps, belts, tensioners and pcv kit were replaced new during rebuild Drivetrain: spec 2.5 clutch and single mass flywheel New clutch slave cylinder Angle gear sleeve replaced Oem transmission fluid replaced Tmw shifter bushings Ipd billet transmission torque mount Ipd poly subframe bushing kit Ipd sport lowering springs Hawk 5.0 street/autocross pads Motal dot 4 brake fluid 235/40/18 Achilles atr sport tires (only 1k miles since new) Others: Bluetooth radio Ipd boost gauge Extras: Stock coilpacks 05' rear bumper Camshaft alignment tool Fuel pump access tool Ipd rear camber bushings (new, not installed) Aftermarket rear toe arms (not installed) Walbro 450lph fuel pump (new, not installed) Could e mail additional pictures at request
  19. looks good. GLWS
  20. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well! Thank you to everyone who shared your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for Sac Volvo Club Meet-Up Ideas! Combining multiple ideas and votes, our next Meet-Up Event will be an informal get-together with Folsom Cars and Coffee on Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 7A - 9A at the Folsom Palladio at Broadstone. Meeting Location: Folsom Palladio at Broadstone 430 Palladio Pkwy Folsom, CA 95630 Near Sports Authority Custom Google Map with Meeting Location and nearby Restaurants: Meeting Time: Saturday, Ocotber 20, 2018 Folsom Cars and Coffee runs from 7:00A to 9:00A (The event unofficially runs from 8:30A to 10:00A) Cost: Car Show: Free Coffee / Lunch (Optional): TBD by Restaurant / Menu Choices, but you will need to cover the cost of your own coffee and/or lunch. Check out the Folsom Palladio Directory for more information: Event Flyer: SacVCOAFlyerMeetUpFolsomCarsCoffee_Ocotber18 (Google Doc at Google Drive) Preview available on the website here: Looking forward to seeing you all on October 20th! Take care, volvie!
  21. The car has been in California for 99% of its life so only saw road salt when up in the mountains for a couple snowboarding trips. -1999 V70 R AWD in Red (Just hit 110,000 Miles) -Kaplhenke JRZ RS Two Coilovers (Goodbye Nivomats) -Do88 Big Core Intercooler -Do88 Radiator -IPD External Trans cooler -Built 18T turbo with ARD billet compressor wheel and forge wastegate/compressor bypass valve -IPD Stage 1 tune -3in turboback exhaust w/racing cat to a Dual Borla exhaust (with carbon fiber bumper trim inserts) -Volvo OEM Spoiler -Third row seats (With donut spare underneath) -Retractable cargo cover -Retractable cargo nets (For keeping you dogs or unruly children in the "trunk") -Volvo clamp on style roof rails -Two sets of wheels & tires (205/55/16 Michelin Defender / 225/40/18 Michelin AS3) -Chinese VIDA reproduction (It works and I can help you set it up on a laptop) -Set of 4 tire chains (Brought to snow only three times during its 19 years on this earth) -Pioneer SPA-120 Head Unit / Still have OEM and can swap back (Installed with a removable harness) Recently replaced parts/service -Injector catch bins -Fuel Pump (To resolve slow startup issues, failed check valve in old pump) -Engine Oil and Filter (Replaced every 5k miles because turbo) -Angle Gear and Differential Oil (So far no issues with either, replaced fluid about every 30-40k miles for good measure. Volvo states it is a lifetime fluid but I don't believe them)
  22. I have a 2006 V70R, Love it. Don't love the transmission, however. After a valve body swap 2 years ago, was absolutely perfect for 500 miles. Then blew up. Got a "remanufactured" transmission (which has maybe 5,000 miles), never has been quite right, getting worse, bought a used 2006 R transmission on ebay, took it to my mechanic here in San Antonio, who told me: "The transmission you bought may or may not work, each individual car has it's own control unit specific down to the individual unit" I seriously doubt that, any comment? Will a $5000.00 from a dealer be my only salvation? help!!
  23. I've used Toyota T-IV fluid with no problems in the past.
  24. I am sure if this exact topic has been discussed before, but I wasn’t able to find a thread where it was discussed, so please forgive me if this is a repeat of something somewhere. I used Mobil 3309 the last time I changed my transmission fluid. Now that I am ready to change my fluid again, I discovered that the distributor that I got my fluid from last time changed from being an Exxon Mobil distributor to a Chevron distributor. Now I am evaluating all of my fluid options and I have some questions. I have been under the impression that the transmission fluid for our AW 55-50 transmission is supposed to conform to the JWS 3309 or perhaps the T-IV specification, but is that correct and what exactly does that mean? On the back of the 3309 bottle it says that for Porsche it meets specification JWS 3309/Type T-IV but for Volvo it doesn’t list any specifications. It just says all 5 speed transmissions. Any ATF that I have seen does not list JWS 3309 or T-IV in relation to Volvo but they are sometimes listed in relation to other vehicle makes. The Valvoline Multi-vehicle ATF lists T-IV but not 3309 and the Castrol Transmax Import Multi-vehicle just says Volvo (all specifications), which I find highly suspect. I also remember someone claiming that the Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF Multi-vehicle formula supposedly met superseding specifications but it does not list either JWS 3309 or T-IV. Another thing that I noticed was that the Royal Purple, contrary to my memory, meets T-IV and JWS 3309 specification. I would love to use RP but at about $15 a bottle I am going to pass on that this time. My question is, can I use any fluid that lists JWS 3309 or T-IV? Also, I what are your recommendations? Should I pick up a case of the Aisin ATF from IPD the next time I am in Portland or can I use something that I can pick up from my local auto parts store?
  25. 2004 Volvo V70R 300 HP rare six speed manual transmission. I believe only 541 V70R manual transmission cars were imported to the US in 2004 131k miles - - excellent condition Runs great!! Everything works IPD R boost gauge, runs honest 15 lbs boost Haldex AWD, factory Brembo brakes New Michelin 235/45 ZR17 Pilot Sport A/S 3+ tires Black Sapphire Metallic exterior, Gobi tan leather interior Full size spare tire Factory installed trailer hitch VA state inspection good thru 9/19 Bought another car - - need to sell something. VIN: YV1SJ52Y942418129 Carfax reports accident - - has clear title - - very clean car $9,500 Ken Axford 540 751 1334
  26. Selling a set of (4) - Volvo Pegs wheels. Original OEM Volvo wheels ( not replicas or made in China wheels) 18" 5x108 18 x 8 x 46 ( offset = 46) Black finish CB =65.1mm (these will fit the 2004 - 2007 R models). They will fit newer Volvos with use of Hub centric adapters ($ 25/set). All have subtle bends, but can be straightened out. Verified by local Wheel Repair company (they inspected and spun them). Cost to straighten them isn't bad, but wife does NOT want black wheels on the Volvo. So, I am now selling these... Priced to sell considering they need a little bit of work to straighten. Actual picture of wheels for sale. $ 285 / set of 4 wheels. Message me for more pictures or search PEGS in Wash-DC craigslist. Prefer local pickup in Mid-Atlantic area (Washington DC, Baltimore, Delaware). I occasionally get to Pittsburgh area as well. thanks.
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