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  2. If the cooling system wasn't properly bled of air, you will see the level go down until all the air is out. The bleeder valve usually does a good gob of letting the air out of these engines and just a little top-off after a few good runs.
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  4. Hi Everyone, Hope you are well and looking forward to the 18th Annual Davis Meet Weekend on Saturday, April 29, 2017 - Sunday, April 30, 2017! The Davis Meet Weekend website has been updated with all the current event details! Saturday will be A-La-Carte Events: -Cars & Coffee -Foothill Scenic Drive (Fast and Slow Groups) -Lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory -K1 Speed Indoor Electric Kart Racing -6th Annual Pre-Davis BBQ Party RSVPs are now open and close Tuesday, April 25, 2017. Sunday is the Davis Car Show & Swap Meet. Registrations are now open and close Friday, April 28, 2017. --- 2017 marks the 90th Anniversary of Volvo! We would like to celebrate the occasion at the 18th Annual Davis Meet Weekend. And, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Contact Us, Attention Webmaster: Or, join the conversation on Facebook: --- Looking forward to seeing you at the 18th Annual Davis Meet Weekend in April! Take care, volvie!
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  6. Last Wednesday’s appointment was rescheduled for today. Well, after what felt like a swift kick to the junk, I am adjusting to the fact there were a lot more repairs than I was anticipating. While the issues could generally be considered standard for a high mileage car (90k) and would need to be completed at some point, I was hoping to postpone the pain for a while so I could focus on the more routine maintenance. My indie guy is fantastic and his rates are fair; I simply hate parting with money even when I know it is part of owning a high mileage R. I initially went in for: New timing belt/water pump/tensioner Replacement of headlamps, daytime running lamps, console bulbs, windshield squirter, and other minor items. Figured it was there, so might as well do the minor things to save myself some time. Investigate “minor” oil leak It ended up with the identification of the following issues: Front cam seals are leaking. He’s going to replace front and back seals. Engine coolant reservoir is leaking due to crack. Replacing reservoir. Intercooler tube has many little holes (more than the standard drain hole) which is bringing excess air into the system. Replacing tube. PCV is clogged (which is causing the oil leak in part, and why it blew out the dipstick this past weekend). Replacing PCV and associated parts. Hoping the entrance to the oil pan is not clogged (he’ll investigate that when he gets in there) I guess the good news is the turbo is fine, and I shouldn’t have to worry about these types of repairs for what I hope to be a long while. This obviously postpones my desire to have the car professionally detailed, leather reconditioned, and the engine block cleaned up. You may ask why I don’t do these things myself. Time, or lack thereof, at least in this stage of my life. As mentioned in the original post, I knew I was gambling by not having an independent inspection performed before buying, so no need for any “I told you so’s.” My mechanic mentioned once he fixes all of these things, such as the intercooler tube with leaks, unclogging the PCV, and cleaning the throttle body, I may see improved performance and speed. I’m already amazed at the performance, so I can’t imagine even a little more speed and acceleration. This car is going to get me in trouble.
  7. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has ever successfully installed a 4-speed AWD transmission from a 98 V70 AWD to a 99 V70R AWD; willing to share how it turned out...did it work properly? Was it 100% plug and play or did you run into issues requiring any mods? Any information anyone can share is greatly appreciated as I may be looking to do the same swap; my 99 V70R reverse just went out after a complete fluid flush (I knew better too) vehicle has 119K miles, and I'm looking to doing the swap I just mentioned, or having it rebuilt (but I just don't wanna pay the high cost for a rebuild just yet). Thanks.
  8. Good Evening, Made the leap to join the V70R club this evening, purchasing a car out of California. I'm back here in Virginia, and look forward to the car arriving in about a week. Will happily snap and share some photos when it arrives. Single owner, 27,000 original miles. Very much looking forward to it. It'll be replacing a '00 BMW 540i Wagon; another well endowed, discrete mover and shaker. Joining the community to start digging and learning. Cheers and thanks, WD
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  10. Hi Everyone, Volunteers are needed to purchase / donate coffee and donuts for the EuroTech Tech Session. Amount needed to purchase / donate depends on number of volunteers and RSVPs received. If interested, please note this in your RSVP to Michal Vachuska, Event Coordinator, before March 16th: Michal will be in contact with volunteers after the RSVPs close to discuss quantities needed. Copy and Paste of Research for 2016 Event (Prices and/or information may have changed-- Please call to confirm.) Estimate of donation based on locations nearest to event in Rancho Cordova, CA for convenience. (Feel free to call around to get your own estimates.) Starbucks Coffee at Sunrise & White Rock 3110 Sunrise Blvd. Rancho Cordova, CA 95742-7310 916-859-0163 Friday Hours: 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM Saturday Hours: 4:30 AM to 10:00 PM Order Details: -Place Order one day in advance -Traveler Coffee (To-Go Cardboard Box Coffee with cups, creamer, sugar, stir sticks, napkins) -One box = 10 servings of 8 oz cups -Cost varies according to roast purchased: $12.95 - $14.95 (roast options = blonde, medium, dark) Howard's Donuts 2340 Sunrise Blvd Gold River, CA 95670 916-638-7509 Friday Hours: 4:30 am - 3:00 pm Saturday Hours: 4:30 am - 3:00 pm Order Details: -Place order one day in advance -Donuts are ordered by the dozen -Regular dozen (includes cake and old fashioned) = $9.99 per dozen -Fancy dozen (includes bars and jelly) = $10.99 per dozen Take care, volvie!
  11. My dads 2002 s40 with 170k miles spun a rod and sounded like a bunch of nuts and bolts in a tin can even in neutral. It was a oil starvation issue. It had no oil on the dipstick! WTH! The car ran great before the issue. The car developed a nasty oil leak really fast and didnt take long. I fixed the oil leak and replaced the rod bearing but it's pretty much running on hopes and dreams now. So far its only got a very slight knock when the motor is at moderate acceleration after the installing the new bearing. Going to replace the rod and bearing on the #3 piston and flush the oil again once more. Car just needs to last another 2 months until he can buy a new car.
  12. Door seals, front sway bar bushings, end links, oxygen sensor.
  13. So on Cold had to remove the lid to see that there was still coolant in expansion tank. Filled to Max line with water, turned engine on and let it run a while. No movement in tank. Put lid on....see how long this last....cannot see any hose leaks?
  14. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has ever successfully installed a 4-speed AWD transmission from a 98 V70 AWD to a 99 V70R AWD; willing to share how it turned out...did it work properly? Was it 100% plug and play or did you run into issues requiring any mods? Any information anyone can share is greatly appreciated as I may be looking to do the same swap; my 99 V70R reverse just went out after a complete fluid flush (I knew better too) vehicle has 119K miles, and I'm looking to doing the swap I just mentioned, or having it rebuilt (but I just don't wanna pay the high cost for a rebuild just yet). Thanks.
  15. Intake plumbing is almost complete. Just need to pick up some rubber gromments for the lines that connect into the intake tube.
  16. Theres a good thread over on volvoforums uk in the s/v40 section. Heres my post from there. Managed to get a successful seal using a Motive power bleeder drilled into the cap. Sealed inside of cap using the cut donut method combined with Sikaflex construction sealant, its what I had laying around. Sealed under the donut with sealant and around the lip in the cap. Once i put the cap on I also smeared the sealant around the outside of the reservoir on the portion of the threads where the is a gap, there are 3 sections and it seems like the air always leaks out of one of them. I didnt wait for it to dry just left it smeared while I bled the brakes. I pressurized to 7psi and the flow at each caliper was strong. I ran a LOT of fresh brake fluid through since my brakes were garbage even though I had all new hardware except hoses. After two drive/bleed cycles my brakes are GREAT! Not as firm as a 2005 Acura MDX I drove recently but their performance when braking hard is the best I can remember. Very confident braking heavily and repeatedly at highway speeds and I have poor snow tires on. Really pleased that I finally got this to work... Recently had car at the mechanic to look at brakes and all he had for me was pretty much "yeah your pedal feels a little soft and has some extra travel but I can't find anything wrong..." Not sure why he didn't try bleeding... I literally doubled my braking power/ability by pressure bleeding. Really pumped with the results! Stainless steel hoses next perhaps
  17. Cool. Suggest you get your shop (or yourself) to degrease the area and then monitor.
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  19. Sup everyone. Made some headway today... Got a 3" exhaust and 3" intercooler pipe kit in the mail today. Running a full 3" stainless turbo back with a 3" aluminum pipe on the cold side of the intercooler pluming and 2.25" on the hotside. Utilizing the left over intercooler piping for the intake plumbing off the turbo compressor housing routing to the maf sensor. Very happy with the intercooler piping kit. No dings or scratches and looks sweet with the raw aluminum look!
  20. Wastegate is mounted up and ready for plumbing.
  21. Rabin and Tzantushka, thanks for your comments. I ran by my indie mechanic on my way to work on Friday just to make sure it wasn't anything requiring immediate attention. With a quick visual inspection, he suspects the intercooler. Hopefully, it is what is considered a "normal" amount and not an excessive amount indicating a possible turbo issue. I'm heading back on Wednesday for a timing belt/water pump replacement and some other routine maintenance, so he'll be able to provide more details then. I'll also get his thoughts on the accelerometers. Depending on how much this visit ends up costing, next steps include getting the car professionally detailed and interior leather reconditioned. Once she is all prettied up, I'll post more pictures.
  22. Congrats and welcome. Oil leak could be a few things: 1) Transmission fluid -from top of radiator where the return line goes into the radiator. (these cars use the radiator for coolant and trans fluid) 2) Weep hole from intercooler (over time you'll have an accumulation of oil building up there) 3) something else
  23. After looking around I think ill just make a cap out of metal and some threaded hooks with wingnuts
  24. No idea, so long ago since I did it
  25. What part number is that? 1100?
  26. You can't use the cap, it doesn't seal, you need the motive adapter for odd euros
  27. Has anyone had any success bleeding their x40 using the pressure tank attached to master cylinder cap method? I have a motive pressure bleed kit and I drilled through a spare cylinder cap. Only problem is, when I try to pressurize the system, the air immediately leaks out... Its hard to tell but it appears to be leaking out around the oring connection between the plastic container with fluid in it and the actual metal cylinder. I have successfully bled other cars, including two volvos, using this method. Any ideas?
  28. So it appears as though my tires were causing the pulling..... They're Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice's that look perfectly fine but are over 8 years old. I'm guessing the belt(s) are damaged on one of both of the tires on the right sides (they're directional). I came to this conclusion earlier when I put my alloys w/newer tires on.... Literally like driving a different car.... Crazy
  29. I milled out a hole in my manifold today. The wastegate pipe and flange is getting welded up this weekend. Trying out a 38mm tial sport external but most likely going to get boost creep but we'll see how it goes when its plumbed up correctly at an angle to catch more exhaust gasses. If it creeps then it's time for a 50mm.
  30. I still love my 06R - best advise I can give is to check if the accelerometers are on the front struts - if they are - move them to the body. Car crashed over harsh bumps and it was the only real downside to the car when I got it - found out about this little trick and it transformed the car. That change and Michelin AS3's improved the ride 10x. Rabin
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