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  3. is this possible. how would one do it without throwing codes?
  4. Right on! Just watched a video..... Thanks Again
  5. I’d be willing to bet the fuel filter is leaking. It’s an external filter on the underside of the car. Very cheap and easy fix. $25 part and 10-15 minutes with a pair of pliers and some rags. Search on on YouTube for diy videos. Super easy. Part can be had at Walmart or any autopart store.
  6. I have been smelling gas over the past few days and realized gas is dripping about 1.5' forward of the passenger rear wheel and 6" in from the body underneath..... common on problem here with 2004 R models? any help here?
  7. Have a 2000 s40. B4204t2 if i remember off hand correctly. Looking to find an upgrade from a 12T to a 14T. Can anyone point me in the righy direction yo buy one. Not sure if i need a staight or angled flange, but i know its a 1.9 U.S. model
  8. G'day everybody, Thought i'd say hi, I 'm an Aussie, located in Northern VA, USA. Work in DC. Always loved R's. Never had a volvo before so wish me luck! I bought the R from a guy on Swede speed. His build thread here (lots of photos here) Just some of the things PO did to the car. All coils and plugs fuel pressure sensor fuel pump and seal Timing belt all 4c suspension 4c control module Front and rear passenger 4c accelerometers ABS control module Alternator tie rods control arm bushings IPD sway bars IPD exhaust Both O2 sensors Snabb massive front mount intercooler Snabb downpipe Elevate intake All new engine mounts trans mount Upper shock mounts end links Brake rotors Brake pads Alcantara headliner floor mats powder coated valve cover and intercooler piping all new stereo Full interior dynamat of the rear from passenger floor back, entire roof and rear hatch New windshield New OE cupholder Restored console Pioneer 4400 DD HU BT touch screen JL W7 12" in custom sealed box JL 500W digital amp Custom made headlights IPD grill Started to sort out some of the minor issues. Currently looking at adding a muffler to the IPD exhaust. I do really like the note and the added benefits of flow, but the dull drone at 60mph is starting to bug me a little too much. David Leach helped me out with a VIDA setup on my old laptop and directed me to the right DiCE. Happy to pass along his details if anybody wants them.
  9. Hi Everyone, A quick update: The Sunday Volunteer Opportunity descriptions and times have been updated on the Davis Meet Weekend website: Interested in volunteering at the 2018 Davis Meet Weekend? Let us know! Take care, volvie!
  10. Hi Everyone, A quick update: The 2018 Sponsor Information Letter has been added to the Davis Meet Weekend website: Interested in supporting the 2018 Davis Meet Weekend? Let us know! Take care, volvie!
  11. Thanks to the pointers posted, I was able to remove the MAF Sensor, clean it with CRC, reinstall and erase the codes. A couple of hundred miles later it set another P0101 with a P0170 pending. Cleaned the sensor again and cleared the codes and now all seems good. However, in anticipation of having to replace just the sensor, the only ones I have found so far are a Walker 2452144 and a Delphi AF10356. However the picture of the Delphi shows an external resistor that my OE Bosch does not have and a stand alone Bosch sensor does not seem to be available. Any comments on either the Walker or the Delphi sensors would be appreciated. -- John
  12. Does anyone have a link to the "normal" values that should be displayed on an OBDII scanner for a 2006 V70R in a "live data" mode. There is a whole fist full of parameters reported by the computer systems and I am curious what the "acceptable range" might be for any particular parameter. -- John
  13. Hi all, The leak seems fixed now and thought I would post youtube of my current engine bay with new pipes installed:
  14. Hi folks! I’m Patrick from near Atlanta. I’m learning to navigate here, so this is my second intro. My DD for about five years is a silver 2000 V70R. I have a friend who works at a dealership and bought it from a customer (it was her boss’s company car, then personal car, then hers). It’s my first Volvo and I like it a lot. Anyway, thanks for having me. If you have a right rim (exhaust cutout trim, pn 9169283) I need one. Patrick
  15. Hi everyone! I’m Patrick from near Atlanta. I’m the proud owner and site lurker (about five years now) of a ‘00 R, silver in color, that I bought from a good friend in Maine. Recently I noticed my rear bumper is missing the ‘right rim’, part number 9169283 (the trim around the exhaust cutout). Volvo has discontinued it, and apparently Volvo, unlike almost every other manufacturer, does not have an interdealer locator. New or used, I’d like one if anyone’s selling. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hey guys! I am looking at possibly buying a 2000 V70R that is for sale by me and wanted to see what you guys feel it may be worth? It was originally listed for sale about a year ago listed as needing a headgasket because #4 cylinder was consuming coolant but found out that it eventually got worse and he had to stop driving it. Car never sold and sat ever since (for about a year now). It's been sitting outside so as you can expect its extremely filthy and mossy, and was pointed out once I went to look at it that the windshield was cracked, completely from top to bottom, on the passenger side. So you can obviously tell moisture has been getting in the car while its been sitting because there was mold all over the passenger seat bottom, and wouldn't be surprised if more wasn't found throughout the car... All in all the car "seems" pretty solid, has only 137k on it, body & paint look near 99%, bumpers are peeling a tiny bit would be the only flaws but no dents or dings. Aside from the mold, the interior DOES look pretty good except for the driver seat which some of the seams are coming apart (can always be fixed). Originally the car was listed for $1600 with the known headgasket problem, but after it sit from not selling he said he ended up finding coolant in the crankcase and did disclose that he knows its going to need a motor now as well so he wouldn't tell me what he wanted for the car but wanted me to make an offer. I ended up offering him $500 for the car but he came back saying that he wanted $850 for it as is. What do you guy think the car I worth or what would you pay knowing the condition that it needs a minimum of a motor and windshield.... I'll try to upload some pictures once I get them off my phone.
  17. I've been casually looking for about a year, but now more seriously. In a perfect world, I'd prefer a black, gray, blue or silver, low mileage 2006 or 2007, auto trans. That said, I am otherwise generally open except that I want to avoid cars with salvage titles. I am in SoCal so prefer a car that has no rust.
  18. Hi Everyone, Hope you are well! Mark your calendars now for the 10th Annual EuroTech Tech Session, Lunch & Planning Meeting: A message from Michal Vachuska, SacVCOA Planning Committee: Hello everyone! You are invited to join us for the 10th Annual EuroTech Tech Session, Lunch, and Planning Meeting on Saturday, March 24, 2018 starting at 10:00A. EuroTech is a local shop specializing in all phases of Volvo diagnostics, service, and repairs. The owner, Peter Mausolff, has many years as a Volvo tech. The session will be a free flow format with Peter and his staff available to answer questions, take a look at your car, or even get it on a lift to check out that issue you have been avoiding. So, bring your immaculate, dirty, dinged, vintage, new, or barely alive Volvo! There is no charge for this event. We are looking for someone (or a few people) to donate coffee and/or donuts. If you would like to do so, please indicate this in your RSVP for the event and we will give you an up-to-date head count for the Tech Session. After the Tech Session, we will have Lunch and the Planning Meeting at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Please RSVP by March 22, 2018. Meeting Location: Tech Session: 3259 Monier Circle, #100 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916-631-4118 Lunch / Planning Meeting: Lots of Luck Chinese Restaurant 3084 Sunrise Blvd # 12 Rancho Cordova, CA (916) 858-1525 Google Map (will open in new tab/window): Meeting Time: Tech Session: 10:00A Lunch / Planning Meeting to follow (~1P) Cost: Tech session: Free! Lunch: TBD by menu choices, but you will need to cover your own lunch costs. Notes: -Coffee and/or Donut Volunteer(s) needed. Please indicate your interest in your RSVP for the event and we will give you an up-to-date head count for the Tech Session. -Lunch to follow Tech Session -Rain or Shine! Event Flyer: SacVCOAFlyerEuroTech_March18 (Google Doc at Google Drive): Preview will be available on the website here (after the January 27th Cars & Coffee Event): RSVP by 3/22: Contact Michal Vachuska, Event Coordinator Facebook Event Post (RSVP and/or join the discussion): Looking forward to seeing you all on March 24th! Take care, volvie!
  19. It is T25. I bought this set from Amazon GLM
  20. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I also had a similar suggestion on swedespeed,com and it will be much easier. Do you know what size of 5pt tamper resistant torx bit you used? Comparing with my set of 6pt tamper resistant torx bits it looks like a T25 ... but since the is probably the only need I will ever have for a 5pt torx bit I do not want to acquire a complete set. It is strange that they would use a 5pt torx screw since the torx screws on the airbox cover are 6pt. -- John
  21. Hi Everyone, Here is the Facebook Event Post (RSVP, join the discussion, and organize caravans): Take care, volvie!
  22. Use a security Torx bit to remove the two torx screws holding the MAF unit and spray that with the CRC cleaner (That's what I do). Much easier than pulling everything apart. GLM
  23. My 2006 V70 R with 94K miles was throwing a P0101 code after servicing the K&N filter (too much oil???). I had the dealer look at it and the diagnosis was throttle body needed cleaning. Now at 102K miles the P0101 has returned. I would like to try and clean the MAF sensor using the CRC MAF Sensor Cleaner, but I am having trouble getting the airbox and MAF sensor out so that I can clean it. Disconnecting the MAF sensor harness and removing the K&N filter and the 3 bolts that hold down the airbox were my first steps. I then loosened the clap that holds the rubber hose running from the outlet of the MAF to the throttle body. I then removed the two bolts that hold the air breather tube to the airbox, but I can't get the air breather tube to separate from the airbox. I am hesitant to remove the 3 bolts holding the air breather inlet to the front of the car as I have no visibility of what else may be connected. Any suggestions will be appreciated. John Knoxville TN 2006 V70R 102K miles
  24. Not exactly, but in early in April 17, I ran over a large object on the interstate. It punched a hole in the down pipe and catalytic converter, messed up the drive shaft, tore up the mufflers, and broke the fuel tank loose (about $9K in repairs). It probably would have fractured the oil pan and transmission as well ... but fortunately I had put an IPD skid plate ( 0.25" aluminum) on the R a couple of years earlier. The skid plate had several deep gouges in it and what ever the object was it must have kicked up or rolled over to do the amount of damage that it did. I would surmise that a similar occurrence happened in your case .. although from the bevel on the edges of the hole it almost looks like it had been hit from the inside. -- John Knoxville TN 2006 V70R w/ 102k miles
  25. Hi - Not sure if I'm navigating this correctly so sorry if I'm in the wrong place and sorry for the length. I have a 2004 Volvo V70 turbo, automatic. I bought it used 3 years ago so I don't have a long history with it. I noticed shifting was a little rough but nothing too bad. It seemed to be increasing still happening occasionally - kind of lurching/ bucking but not terrible. Then the Transmission service required and check engine light came on and I guess it went into "limp mode" where it doesn't go over 20 mph and feels like it won't accelerate but it does, just very slowly. The volvo mechanic I use for maintenance checked the computer and said code was indeed for the transmission and I'd need to have it rebuilt. He reset/ cleared the codes and said it was ok to keep driving while I decided what to do. On drive home it drove fine. I called his tranny guy who said NOT to keep driving it so I towed it to the tranny guy. They ran tests and drove it and got the error to duplicate. The got the same error codes - TCM 0001 code error no/low input turbine speed loss system pressure Initially they said it could just be the value body but after inspection and based on the codes/error they said it would indeed need a new tranny. Cost would be $3,700 - 4,500 the range depends on how the valve body looks when they get in there. If they can rebuild it it's $3,700 if it's trashed and they need a new one then it's $4500. Price includes parts, labor and tax. My other maintenance volvo mechanic is gave me his tranny guy and I've talked to him but they haven't inspected the car. Is it worth getting a tow to this other mechanic for a second opinion? Does it sound like theres anything I need to ask them to check? Warranty wise - one place does a 2 year/24Kmi the other does 1 year/12Kmi If the rebuilt tranny is $4K is it worth putting the money into it? Im worried I'll do it and then some other major issue will happen. It's a 2004 V70 turbo I paid $6,500 3 years ago It has 144,000 miles on it I can't really afford the $4K to rebuild and I can't really afford to buy a new used car
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