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  3. I also have an '07. Mine has roughly 185K miles on the clock and recently had the same symptoms. I bit the bullet and replaced the sensor. It was the right move and has returned the car to "normal".
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  5. Consider this a serious inquiry; let me know how to get in touch
  8. Strange. The R forum is an area for supporting members only, nothing to really do with these cars. The remainder of the forum is noticeably more lively than this forum.
  9. I already replaced the TCV. Actual mileage is 155k, sorry for the typo. After reloading ecm software I am unpleasantly surprised by boost control. Hilton has my back.
  10. Hello, I usually take my 2007 V70R to Autoscandia in Herndon VA. I have a lot of work that needs to be done, and I wasn't overly excited about their estimate. I got an estimate from in SpringField, and it was half the cost. They seem to have good reviews on Google, but I was wondering if anyone here has heard of them. I need the following work done: TIMING BELT REPLACE TENSIONER FRONT WHEEL BEARING REPLACE TIE ROD END TWO FRONT STRUTS, STOPS, MOUNTS TWO LOWER CONTROL ARMs ENGINE MOUNT UPPER ALIGNMENT Thank you!
  11. Maybe a boost leak or need a new TCV?
  12. Try asking over in the R forum on swedespeed. Much more likely to get answer. Think there's even a diy with pics posted.
  13. 04 SR Manual, 55k miles. Only makes 10psi at WOT. No head-to-the-seat torque whatsoever. I've driven 3 stock V70R cars since I bought this SR and the difference in power is stiffing. No codes(read with authentic Vida at the shop). Recently replaced spark plugs with genuine, genuine fuel pump, OTE pipe O ring, vac lines, TCV, throttle body hose is now IPD pipe, replaced stock DP with a stainless 3" catted DP. Checked wastegate setting(7psi), reloaded the ECM, checked the turbine for abnormal shaft play(none). Doesn't matter what RPM I go WOT, it does not start to pull hard like the other cars I have driven. I'm not sure what's happening because there are no codes, just an evident lack of a torque curve. Feels flat as a board during acceleration. Everything else about the car is awesome, it just doesn't haul like it should. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. The torque rod is broken on my 2000R, and can't find the correct one. Volvo dealer says part number is 9470836 by the VIN and it's discontinued. All over the web I keep running into Torque rod # 30680750 but it says it will not fit my car. IPD discontinued their neoprene torque rods so I'm beating my head, anyone had to do this search lately? TIA
  15. So The Fan Resistor cost $193.93 including GST.....but when I rang Volvo they said it was $180AU The 2 X coil pack that are Aftermarket cost $187 He replaced the Lead set aswell for $86.46 Charged me Freight for parts of $22! I noted he had topped up the coolant charge.... Now I notice a black scuff mark on the back left corner of car on returning home This year alone its been over $2K AU to service and keep it going.
  16. Hi Everyone, Hope you are well and staying cool through this heat wave! With the Rolling Magazine issue with the 2017 Davis Article starting to arrive in VCOA member mailboxes, we are pleased to share all the 2017 Davis Meet Weekend Event Coverage on the Davis and SacVCOA websites: --- The Sacramento and Golden Gate Chapters of the VCOA wish to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this year's show-- We could not have done it without you! --- Have anything to share (photos & videos and/or feedback & suggestions)? Interested in sponsoring and/or volunteering for 2018 Davis Meet Weekend? Let us know! Contact Us, Attention: Elizabeth Brown: --- We look forward to seeing you all for the 2018 Davis Meet Weekend! Take care, volvie!
  17. Thanks for the pointers. I've been able to get the car home and I'm hoping to do some preliminary inspection in the near future. I live in the PDX are so ipd is probably a solid resource for me to check out. Thanks again. conorb
  18. Rang Local Volvo Parts centre $206.60AU Each !!!!! $64US each above Have the car overnight!
  19. Told it is the "ignition coil" and he is going to replace more than one? This is what was causing the ECM error and the power loss?
  20. A large suicidal raccoon has resulted in a cracked radiator. Looked online and in VIDA on the replacement procedure, and it didn't look too bad, so got a replacement and started tearing it down. BUT - apparently the R is different enough that the usual V70 procedure, and even the procedure in VIDA for this VIN is not correct for this car. I've got the fan and housing out, and the radiator completely free, but I am unable to either drop it out the bottom or take it out the top. The long mounting wings on the sides are unable to get past what looks to be a metal AC pipe on the left side, and a braided hose on the right. The ends of both of those hoses go out of sight either in the front of the clip or under the engine. Has anyone replaced a radiator on this series R? What am I missing? Looks like I'll have to pull the whole front clip and release the freon from the AC to get at least one of the pipe/hose off to be able to drop the radiator. VIDA makes no mention of any of that. I'm wondering if in some previous repair things were incorrectly run and are now in the way... Thanks folks!
  21. So today I drove to work with the ECM light on. Parked and worked. 8hrs later started car and no codes\lights on? Drove for 10minutes at 100kms and then a shudder and loss of power with the ECM and DSA lights appearing. Going up a hill I lost power and did not go down a gear? But the rest of FLAT drive home no noticeable change in driving home stop\start at traffic lights and average 60km\h. Fuel economy seems poor as well?
  22. quiksilver - going to and selecting the "R" forum seems to take you back here. Am I missing something?
  23. Thank you. It helps to have another confirming voice before I buy a $300+ part.
  24. Certainly can't see anything obviously trapped. It sounds expensive, just what I need.☹️
  25. Rain Squeal is noise when heat distortion in the factory Exhaust mount/shroud to deflect and touch the prop shaft. Extreme to heavy water on road way lets you enjoy that noise. Factory has a steel cable support kit to replace the support. . . lot of posts elsewhere on this.
  26. Would definitely start with a steering angle sensor (clockspring) with that DTC.
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